Freestyle Nav User - Do I go with the Dex or MM CGM?

I could use some help. I was going along well using and loving a Freestyle Nav (down from 8.3 to 6.3 because of the CGM) until they had those problems with FDA and then I needed pieces replaced and they would not replace them cause they couldn’t yada yada yada… now I can not wait any longer my blood is spiraling out of control again and I need to replace my CGM. Any opinions on Dex vs MiniMed? What works better? Is more accurate? Calibrates well? HELP!! :slight_smile:


First off, I’m sorry! I used all 3 at the same time during a recent clinical trial, and I will just brace you for the fact that while you will probably find some benefits from switching, you will more than likely be somewhat disappointed by accuracy compared to the Navigator which totally rocked the other two off of the boat:(

Even as a MM user myself, I would give a slight edge to Dex. You’re already used to having a separate unit, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. The dex has a nicer screen, is easier to insert, and had a rather slight edge on accuracy for me. Both are in the process of getting new sensors through the FDA, so accuracy differences may soon be a thing of the past, but at present my only reason for clinging to the MM is that it has worked well for me and I like the integration with the pump.

Unless you are using MM pump, I’d absolutely go with Dex!

I recently was doing the same comparison. I wore the MM for a week and it thoroughly convinced me that the dexcom 7 was the solution. The MM was much more complicated and less accurate. When it beeped at you you had to push 2 buttons in a specific sequence or it would come back again in 5 min. I needed my glasses or a magnifying glass to see the screen. I am on day 8 of the new dexcom and I love it. From reading blogs here and elsewhere it looks like the dexcom has hte best likelihood of longerlife on the sensors. Its easy to calibrate and review the charts. So far I could not be hapier.

The JDRF picked Dexcom and Animas to develop their artificail pancreas. I would think that they would of chosen the highest quality system… I can’t wait for the integrated Animas/Dexcom to hit the market (hopefully within 15/18 months.

I feel much better alreaady and my averages are much improved while my swings up and down are much smaller. Workin on 6’s for A1C Yeah!!!

My niece has used both and she very strongly favors Dexcom. So do we, for these reasons: (1) relatively pain free insertion (she does not need EMLA and claims it does not hurt much more than a pump site). This is the No. 1 dealbreaker for us, eclipsing all other considerations; (2) seven day wear without a need for Restart; (3) Dex stays on the body and you do not have to remove the transmitter to recharge after seven days; (4) Dex has the smaller footprint on the body, despite claims I have seen that the Minimed sensor has slightly smaller measurements; Dex lies flat, not wobbly. Cons: If you get the Reciver wet, Dexcom will not replace it and you need to pay again, although they will give a reduced price. Also, there is no integration with a pump so you have to carry the separate Receiver. Animas has been claiming integration was imminent for three years now. Also, we have ??? at night if she lies on the sensor. Night time is when we are particularly anxious re lows. Minimed is going to release a comfort sensor at some time in the future. When this occurs we will reevaluate. We really want and need integration with the pump and she is using the MM Revel.

Via Kaiser insurance, I had a choice between the MM and the Dexcom. Unfortunately, I chose the Medtronic Guardian. It is very inaccurate, very difficult to calibrate, and the insertion is beastly (as in, you will bleed a LOT). I would recommend the Dexcom.

Thanks Tom that really helps. I love my Nav and wish abbott could get their butts in gear!!

Congrats on the progress!

Good point about JDRF.

I am trialing the MM on Thursday – from what I am hearing though I am going to hate it. Can’t seem to find anyone who will let me trial the Dex - my docs office does not have a super relationship with DEX

Thanks for in input. How is the battery life on the receiver heard you had to plug it in every night …?

Yuck. Thanks for sharing DEX seems to be the leader here.

Hey Gina-

I’ve not tried the Dexcom, but I love my Minimed CGM. I think they each have their advantages and disadvantages. I actually did think about it quite a bit before deciding, because I hadn’t heard as many glowing reports on minimed. Someone I talked to really helped me out. I told him I liked the MM and it seemed to be working pretty well for me, and I liked that it integrated with the pump. He told me that, in his experience, the MM works for some people, but not so much for others. He had switched to Dex because it wasn’t working for him. But if the MM was working for me, than there was no reason to change.

I might consider switching to Dex when the integrate with the Animas pump, but we’ll see. No brand is 100% accurate, but I love having that tool.

Good luck!

last year I had dex local rep set me up with a trial - but trust me you woill love it the only advantage of teh MM is thge integration but its too complicated too short a life and too hard to read.

You might call dexcom and ask to be put in contact w local rep for a demo

more like every 2nd to third but beats buying batteries

I was not a fan of MM. I tried it on and off for 6 months and gave up. I was testing my bloodsugar all the time to see if it was accurate or not. It was fine if you flatlined, ha!!

It was not very accurate at all and totally stressed me out.

I was a previous MM user, and moved over to Dexcom and Animas. The accuracy of the Dexcom surpasses that of the MM. I had days where it would say 40 on the screen, and be 100 on the meter (see attached pictures)
If you would like pictures of the MM in the inserter, or the Dex and the inserter please let me know, I’d be happy to share a few. I document my diabetes journey on Facebook for my friends and family.

hands down


So far the MM seems to work pretty well for me although I’m not sure if it’s b/c I’ve become OCDiabetic about my BG and stay on top of it? The constant data is really useful. I have not had that many times where it’s been inaccurate. It lags behind so maybe the Dexcom is more on top of it but when it’s different, it’s usually headed in whatever direction it’s differing in and gets there in 15-20 minutes?

I hear that from a lot of people you are not the only one. I am leaning way far way from MM!


Thanks for sharing those picts. That is CRAZY. My Freestyle Nav was super accurate and I am looking for that type of accuracy!!

I totally agree the CGM does make me a bit more OCD but I was I don’t give a F before so this is a MUCH better way to be. I love the data overload I am able to know sooo much more about how food and stress and life acts with me!