Anyone thinking of switching to the omnipod?

I seem feel there has been a downgrade in Animas's customer service lately, althyough that is not my reason for switching. I am thinking of going with the latest version of omnipod because of the smaller pods. With all the things I am pulling out of my pocket it seems I am constantly getting the tube stuck on something. I end up disconnecting for the few minutesI need to work on something at a poor angle. Also, I am probably going to get a sensor, and between that, my ping, my ping remote, my pockets I just have so much that can fall out. I like the most of the functionality of the Ping and it serves my needs well. But as I am the chunky side, IK find I am also tightening and retightening my belt because the tube seems to get in the way. 've tried belt cases for the ping but that has not worked out well. If anyone has switched or tried the omnipod I'd like to hear your impressions. But please when responding keeep in mind my situation. For you skinny people I suspect you probably are not experiencing the same issues as I. Thanks in advance.

I'm not skinny (265 lbs) and found out that the best way for me to carry my Ping aka 2020 is with the metal (spring) belt clip. I used to use the leather belt holder but the vertical up position of the low profile clip with the inset line coming from the top enables me to just tuck it in. The fancy leather holder made the line come out horizontal and always get caught.
I'm an avid DIY'er and boater and unless I have a bathing suit on I always use the clip and seldom get caught laying under cars or doing carpentry or sailing.
Good luck with the pod

Omnipod has a special upgrade program for people whose pumps are still in warranty. I don’t know the price because you have to call them to get it. My understanding is that with many insurance plans, Omnipods are covered like infusion sets. So if you get a good deal on the system, you can order pods in replacement of your regular infusion sets.

I’ve been using a Ping for 6 years, Medtronic (oh how I miss when they were Minimed!) for 12 years before that. I wholeheartedly agree about customer service. Heavens knows, tho, that if you have to go thru Edgepark, customer service will be a thing of the past!( I’m dealing with Edgepark for my switch to Omnipod. )

When I first went on the pump, I used to cut small holes in the inside of pants pockets & feed the tubing thru. All the tubing was then protected inside my clothing.

I will tell you that the last time I tried Omnipod, with the older, bigger pod, I was amazed to discover how many times I brushed my arms up against door jambs! Just something to bear in mind! :wink:

I use Edgepark and seem to be the only one in the world who has excellent service. I have gotten comments from the people at Edgepark that everything goes well for me because my insurance is excellent. Unfortunately I lose my insurance at the end of 2014 and will have to get new insurance that will cost more and not be nearly as good as what I have. Ugh!