Omnipod vs. Ping

Hi everyone. I currently use the animas ping but am considering the omnipod. Is there a discussion for pumpers who switched to the pod? Do you like it? What are the pros/cons of the pod?

It seems to me that there are more place you can put the pod considering there are no tubes? Correct? Do you worry about air bubbles in the resevoir? The pod failure issue...does it happen often? Thanks for the input I go to endo on Wed.

You may want to look at the Omnipod group. There are occasionally posts there by people that have switched to the pod from other pumps.

I've been using the Animas Ping for about six years except for an unsuccessful five-month attempt to switch to the pod. Many people have migrated to the pod and love its tube free pumping. It didn't work for me.

I think the ideal situation for pump switching is a trial period that permits undoing the switch without losing insurance coverage. When my insurance company buys me a pump, I cannot get another pump until at least the 4 year warranty expires. When I tried out the O'pod I took advantage of a $200 upgrade program. I paid the upgrade fee out-of-pocket. This way my insurance company covered my pod supplies but did not pay for the personal data manager (PDM) and therefore did not see it as a "pump purchase."

Good luck with whatever you choose!