Anyone try the the Nanopump?

Came across this while researching about pumps, this thing sounds pretty ideal, whole lot smaller than the average pump PLUS the MEMS technology senses when the body needs insulin and automatically inserts it…this article is from '07 haha so it can’t really be that new of technology, but this is my first time hearing of it, does anyone else have info or experience?

Wow,that looks promising.What an amazing breakthrough!

Sorry Jill no experance with this, but sounds like a great break through. I know Mini Med is working on something simular but there is a large math problem to workout. I will come due for a new pump in a couple of years and I will look at it b/4 making my mind up. Thanks for sharing.

Here is more current info on the pump and the company, Debiotech. There is an article from June '08 if you click on “news”. It seems it’s still not available yet…it also appears they are supposed to be more affordable…Time will tell though and it sure looks like something worth looking for in the near future!

Dear Jill.

Awesom post. Funny we were just discussing this with my former collegue at work who has a PhD in process control. I was saying that if you can fly an UNSTABLE jet fighter at mach 2.5 without a human we should be able to do diabetes. Actually because most high performance planes are semi or unstable I believe you buy the farm if the automatic controller kicks out.

The bad news is I described the problem of controlling diabetes to him and he said that it is probably way harder than controlling the jet plane. So I am not holding my breath.