New Technology

Anyone see this yet?

Suppose to be approved in the US in Q2/Q3 of 2010. I’m betting later than that, they seem to still have a lot to work out, but I for one can’t wait. I’ve been using the MiniMed for 10 years now and I can’t wait to be tubeless. Since it is such a major investment, I want to make sure I choose the right one. The Cellnovo pump seems worth the wait. Meter, tubeless and iPhone like technology…I’m very excited.

Italy has a non invasive glucometer made by a company in Isreal. When is the U.S. going to get it and at what price. We will probably have to pay big money once it is okayed.OrSense, by Ziona, looks pretty space age but I already feel like a cyborg wearing my pump for the past eight years anyway.

Now I got the Medingo Israeli Solo pump demo box and that does not look nearly as cool as this one does!
Wow, this looks great.
I remember doing a survey from this company about what someone might like in a pump.
I remember the touch screen/Iphone looking deal because it looked so awesome.
I have a feeling though, this one may come with a hefty price.
I’m due for a new pump in 2011, who knows what all will be out then.
Thanks for letting us know about this.

This is not a pump. It accurately and non-invasively tests glucose, hemoglobin, and oxygen saturation with very high sensitivity. I hope insurance will cover it so I can give my poor little caloused fingers a break, not worry about a CGM, and read my sugar all the time.

Gawd what a horrible website! Falling asleep while waiting for each page to load, and I’m on fast DSL. If they over-complicate their technology like they do their website, not sure I’d want in.

Some of the screens on the device look cute, but will it help control D better? Not so sure. Maybe the bigger screen is a huge advantage when doing the food database.

And if it’s iPhone-like technology, why can’t they just do the app on an iPhone? Thanks, but I’ll keep my one-item-only Animas 2020, tubing and all (which doesn’t bother me one bit).

In any case, it takes ages for anything to get approved in Australia. We’re still waiting for Dexcom-anything and Navigator. Maybe 2010, I’m told. Australia makes the approval process so darn difficult and costly, many companies probably don’t want to bother with us anyway.

I’d have to be convinced it’s more than a very pretty piece of technology.

Hi Vickie,

Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing. It appears it is a insulin pump and glucose meter in one. Not sure if I saw that correctly? It is an awfully long and boring video, maybe we should let their marketing dept know. But it looks cool. If it works, and is priced right, omnipod would have a very aggressive competition.

Once again, thanks for sharing.

Hi Jon,

It is an insulin pump and glucose meter in one. I didn’t watch the entire video (I also got a bit bored with it) but I had a live demo in Europe last week. The first version will not have a CGM but the plan is to have one in later versions. This one does have a meter built in the hand held device (iPhone like unit). They are working with a meter company on the strips. I was told the initial cost would be less than the Medtronic pump but I’m sure will be made up for in the costs of the ongoing disposible items.

Am I seeing the same video as everyone else? Not boring at all. Very slick, modern concept. A certain amount of cynicism is warranted given how wooden many pumps are in features but I am hopeful. Ironic that a British company is the one developing a sexy Iphone-like touchscreen device. Good for them. The PDM doesn’t look like a medical device at all and would be indistinguishable from a cell phone. I want more info on the ergonomics, bolus options and alarm options (which would have to be outstanding to beat Omnipod) but so far, so good! If nothing else this product should signal other pump companies to modernize and add features in order to compete.

Why not be able to customize your home screen like the Iphone? Some of us care about IOB and some don’t. Some would want the quickest possible access to custom meal presets. How about an adjustable volume/vibrate option for alarms? If we want to use up battery time with super-loud volume and a long screen time-out period, shouldn’t we have that option? Hopefully it will allow custom meal presets that can deliver combo or extended boluses. How about the option to include or not include meal boluses in the calculation of IOB? This should make everybody happy in the infamous IOB debate.

Go Cell Novo!

I’m like you Don - didn’t find it boring at all - same feelings as you (am I a geek??). I wrote to the company last month, and am waiting for more to be released via snail mail when it becomes available (am sure any of you who wrote to them got the same info back)… I’m hoping to have a way in - as I’m British (now living in Canada) - so trying to work my charms with a good pot of tea (actually hate tea - prefer coffee) along with throwing the current website I work for ( at them. All in the aid of getting to the core of this device - and hopefully being able to input any ideas/improvements - so we can all see it on the market soon - to be able to use before our present pumps have to be replaced, etc. Competition is a good thing!

Like you say Go Cell Novo Go!!!

Looks interesting but it doesn’t appear to be tubeless. There is still a tube running from the pump to the injection site which is no different than having your pump sit on your belt and running a tube to the injection site (heldheld unit or not–like the Ping Animas).

The Omnipod works great for me and is truly wireless or tubeless, if that is what you’re after. No iphone bells and whistles though :wink:

The problem with using an actual iphone is getting it accepted by the FDA…
Thats why a lot of the new pump/meter combos use a propriatary PDA/modified BGM

I was wondering if anyone has seen the stuff from Nilimedix

They seem to have all their bases covered…
Inexpensive (comparies to most pumps), pod-like devices, and pod like device with CGMS by OrSense