Anyone Type 1 taking Lipitor for preventing hardening of arteries?

When i first became diagnosed my doctor started me on Lipitor 10 mg and Lisinopril 2.5mg for preventativee measures. I was 21 yr old female and i felt like an old lady, but as the couple of years have past and i continue routine blood work, the meds are doing their job and i havent had any problems, not that the problems are to be expected at young age… more later in life but anyway every preventative helps i suppose. lipitor is ranked the number 1 cholesterol medicine and it has the documents to back it for aiding in diabetic patients so i continue to take it!

I take simvastatin and Lisinopril…started at the golden start date of my early 40’s:) It majorly dropped my already normal lipid levels. Have been on an ACE forever…started that early as well…as a renal preventative when my BP was well below what they recommend to start BP meds. Good news is that 30 yrs T1 and my renal function is normal…good genes or good treatment…not certain…but, very grateful:) PS: lipid lowering drugs should be prescribed based on what your original lipid profile looks like. My doc also took into account my family history and my mother’s lipid profile and response to meds. simvastatin works great for me and no noticeable side effects…it also is only $15 for 3 months of pills…huge savings.

I only just now (well, 2-3 months ago) started on an ACE inhibitor (Lisinopril) at my request. My Endo basically said it was my choice, and while she definitely agrees it’s probably a good thing for me to do, it’s not something she’d ask me to take if I didn’t want to. I have never asked about statins because unless my thyroid panel is way out of whack, my lipids are usually fine. I wouldn’t mind adding a statin if it was recommended, as long as it was cheap, like the Lisinopril is :slight_smile:

I am 29, and have been diabetic for 9 years.

Well, I don’t do Lipitor because the insurance company makes me take simvastatin (a generic). I cannot take Lisinopril because it gives me a nagging bad cough (which is a very common side effect for that one). Yup, my meds do help keep the readings down. But do you know that a young toddler can be starting to form cholesterol build-up? It doesn’t respect age, let me tell you! It seems that there is nothing you can do that won’t harm yourself in an unimaginable way. Discouraging, isn’t it? The only thing we can do is to follow a sensible diet and do exercise … both of which I really have to practice hard at!!

Just keep on keeping on, woman.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

thanks for the input!
i got my lab back this morning and they are great :slight_smile:
i guess i will keep on keeping on. haha
have a great day!

well unfortunately my thyroid is out of whack but good news after i got labs back today i am
not having to increase or decrease my synthroid dose! thank goodness… that has been a rollercoaster in itself
i will keep on keeping on!
have a great day.

I already have heart disease. Am on caduet which is lipitor and norvasq combined plus some other pills. I’ve had D since I was 2, am 36 now. Funny thing is I was 32 when I found out about my heart. I don’t remember ever having my cholesterol checked, but my blood pressure had always been normal. My last tests were great. So yeah I agree lipitor is great.

Hi Antonia- I’m sorry if this sounds insensitive, I’m not sure exactly how to ask this but, what does heart disease feel like? My paternal grandfather has it so it runs in my family. Wondering if I should be reconsidering taking Lipitor or some sort of. My paternal side of the family all has high cholesterol. My blood pressure is great, but my bad cholesterol is twice it’s limit. No signs of heart disease for me so far.

I’m 25 and T1 for 11 years (first generation)

I currently don’t take Lipitor because the ads say that you have to stay on it, but then it also says that you should not be pregnant while on it. And I don’t have kids yet, but I strongly want a few. So… that’s my story.

well i do not have heart disease or a cholesterol prob but they advised me to take it for preventative measures only. i dont have kids now but they told me when i want them i would just be off them the 9 months.
im 23 and type 1 almost 2 years.
so as for lipitor and lisinopril- i would say it wouldnt hurt, but only could help :slight_smile:

Started Lisinopril in October and my hands and feel swelled up, so that was discontinued. Recently started simvastatin and it gave me an irregular heartbeat, so no simvastatin. GRRR

well i have went to a heart specialist… and i have tachacardia… but at this point… i just deal with it… and deal with it being annoying every now and again.