Anyone use an unconnected Ping pump to do the insulin calculations and IOB tracking for MDI use?

I have the One Touch ping pump and meter. Needing to change to MDI and wanting an insulin calculator that will also track the IOB.

I think if I leave an old empty cartridge in the pump to confuse the pump (but with no infusion set attached) and set the basal rate to zero I could have the BG input, put in my carbs, and have the pump calculate the IOB or BOB and tell me how much to take. I could then adjust it according to the 1/2 unit pen I am going to get. I will be able to download reports for my diabetic educator and diabetic nurse appointments.

Will this allow the carbs to also be downloaded? I have been on the omnipod now for a while and cannot remember. Is this diabetic brain or getting older brain - ha!

This is just theory - has anyone tried this?


I’ve used it for calculations w/o delivery and I guess as long as it thinks it’s delivering insulin iob will work.

You would likely need to set the basal rate to 0.025 units per hour to prevent the pump from alarming that there are no active basal rates. You would also have to actually deliver the “air bolus” into the air order for the pump to have the IOB and CHO entry . . . but your plan can work! You can take a set of tubing and cut it off with an inch or two piggy tail to help in pulling the cartridge in and out of the pump when you need to refill with air.

I think that you could, but why would you want to? Is the pen really that much cheaper than infusion pump supplies?

None of the pump supplies would be covered-I would have to pay for them. But I could pay a co-pay for the MDI. $25 for syringes, and $87.50 for the pen needles. Humalog vials $25 and humalog pens or cartridges $87.50.

That seems awfully unfair. I have really bad insurance (5000 deduct) and even it will pay for pump supplies. They did make us do C peptides to qualify as they adopted medicare guidelines, but once we got passed that threshold, they are covered so at least they will apply to our deductible. Whichever path you pursue - good luck - Have you tried appealing? some insurance plans will listen to an appeal.

Also might check out apps on smart phones one I found in a few minutes of hunting is RapidCalc Insulin Dose Manager

I have been using the Animas as an MDI calculator without a problem. I just put in a basal rate that was equal to the 22 units of Lantus I take a day. I do not put anything in the carteridge but air.

Now not sure how hard it will be to push the bottom of the cartridge back out once it goes all the way in.

I will keep you updated!

Glad it’s working for you. Since the insulin on board is only calculated for bolus doses I’m not sure how setting the basal to 22 units a day would be beneficial though.

I’ve occasionally reused cartridges. You have to hold on to the little blue plunger thing though and reattach it.