Anyone use old pump to track IOB and insulin calculations for MDI therapy?

I have the One Touch ping pump and meter.
I think if I leave an old empty cartridge in the pump to confuse the pump (but with no infusion set attached) and set the basal rate to zero I could have the BG input, put in my carbs, and have the pump calculate the IOB or BOB and tell me how much to take. I could then adjust it according to the 1/2 unit pen I am going to get. I will be able to download reports for my diabetic educator and diabetic nurse appointments.

This is just theory, have not tried it yet.
I have been using the Omnipod lately, and without the pod active, I do not think I can use the omnipod calculations.

I am going to change because I have maxed out my DME portion of insurance and it will now be out of pocket till July the new insurance year. Also I have been having more skin issues - so I thought it will be good to have a pump vacation anyway.

The perfect item would be an MDI calculator which would let you set all of your own values, then let you enter BG, carbs, planned exercise, and keep the BOB or IOB calculation going with the memory - AND let you download all of this info for a log book or graphs.

That would be worth buying!!

I was having problems with my Ping last week so took it off. I actually left the cartridge in & running, but I used it to calculate bolus & correction amounts. I did not put the amounts in to track IOB but that is a good idea! I don’t know if you could do that though since the cartridge would be empty.

I am thinking that the pump will not know that the cartridge is empty, just that there is a cartridge in?? I currently do not have an empty cartridge to try it, and did not want to waste a good one. Can you try it and let me know how it works?

Also I do not remember is when downloaded, does the report also list the number of carbs you put in.

If this does not work it will be easier to use a different meter (the ping meter takes so long), and input into the diabetes pilot software on my Palm phone, (which I downloaded as a free trial but have not bought yet). I always have my phone with me whereever I am, and I can use the accu-check aviva which my insurance will pay the strips for (smaller sample from one touch). I would like to cut down on the number of gadgets if possible.

I always thought going from a pump (been on for 10+ yrs) back to MDI would be a step backward. But I think it mght simplify my left and give my skin a break from all the rashes and reactions I am having. I just need to streamline the calculations process as best as I can.

What are you doing right now for calculating your IOB? I assume you are back on MDI…

Do you have a smart phone or I Pod touch? Wouldn’t one of the diabetes apps make calculations like that for insulin dosing? I don’t know if they calculate Insulin on board though.

I know you can still use the Ping to calculate doses even if meter communication is turned off but I don’t know that much about it and whether it keeps track of IOB itself or if it only communicates with pump to get that info.