Question for insulin pen users

I have a few questions for all of you.

  1. How many of you use injections (vs. using the pump)?
  2. If you are on injections(MDI), would you like to use a small device (imagine something like a small calculator) that allowed you to electronically compute boluses based on BG readings and carbs, take in to account insulin on board, and provide an electronic log of your BGs (manually entered) and insulin shots?
  3. Are you aware of such a device in the market today?
  4. How much would you pay for the device if it came on the market?

I’ve also asked the same set of questions in the general forum.

Thank you for your responses

That would be very helpful.It would prvide the same flexability as the pump but it would be a little more of a hindurance.I figure I would pay as much as 400.$ ca.

I would definitely like to see something like a bolus wizard for people on MDIs. It would also be great if it had carb count lists that you can personalize with your favorite foods. I think it would have to be combined with a Freestyle or other popular BG meter - like the Omnipod’s PDA component - to make it convenient. It already takes too much time to test my BG AND make calculations THEN take an insulin shot. I would pay $250-$300 for this.