Any one use Diabetes Pilot for insulin dose calculations for MDI?

I am going from the pump to MDI, and am used to the pump doing all of the dose calculations. I have been looking for software that will help with this situation. I have a PALM phone. Looks like this will be helpful - BUT it does not do IOB or BOB.

Any suggestions?

Diabetes pilot is awesome software. I’ve used it since the week I was dx. I’ve tailed off from it lately because I eat pretty much the same things all the time and I just do the addition in my head. I would skip buying the desktop version, it’s a waste of money if you have the ipod software. It’s pretty accurate, but you still have to google quite often for homemade foods.


Our Glucosurfer project has an online calculator for the insulin dosage. We have no IOB calculation so far but we are working on that. It is a free online solution that can be used in full anonymity. More information can be found here. One problem might be that you need reliable access to the internet and this depends on the network coverage of your provider etc.

For quick evaluation open the following link with your Palm phone (without line breaks):




With ordinary phones you can also use WAP access (without line breaks):




SuFu - Unfortunately my PALM phone does not have internet (because we told them to turn it off to keep costs down). I am wanting ONE place to log my carbs, BGs, insulin taken, exercise, notes - the items that now I can download from my pump to take to my diabetic educator and diabetic nurse appointments. I do have the calorieking software on my PALM, do that is helpful. This is going to be a BIG adjustment for me to go from the pump to the MDI routine.


I’ve used Diabetes Pilot and yeah, the one big drawback is no IOB. It would be pretty easy for it to keep track of that, too, assuming you entered all your doses.

How do you calculate your IOB once you do the diabetes pilot entry?
Once you do your diabetes pilot entry and it gives you a suggested amount to take, do you then enter the amount you are actually taking?
If it does, I guess you could log the recommended amount, and what you figured was IOB, so that you would have that info later when you printed it for your log?

What do you think of the PC portion - or do you not use that for printing reports?

Thanks - I see my diabetic nurse on Thursday, and want to have all my ducks in a row for all my questions, etc.