Anyone used Actrapid Insulin?

My wife and I are volunteering this fall in Armenia and found that Novolog, or its generic, is not available. It appears that this is very similar but hard to find info on. Please let me know if any of you have knowledge of it or have used it.

I did some quick searches and found that Novolog made by Novo Nordisk is a rapid acting analog insulin (RAAI) also known as insulin aspart.

Actrapid on the other hand is short acting insulin, also made by Novo Nordisk, and is a Regular exact duplicate of human insulin. If I am interpreting my search results correctly, it is the same thing as Novolin R, Humulin R, and other human Regular insulins.

I used Regular insulin (both pork-derived and genetically engineered) in my insulin pumps for many years prior to 1996 when I started on the RAAI, Humalog.

Congrats on your volunteer efforts!

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Thanks, for the research Terry!
I have used Novolin R in my Omnipod also so it would work with some adjustments.

Some more information…

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