Novolog vs novorapid

Looked around and didn’t see anything and I have a few questions. Are they the same thing? Made by the same company? And is it legal to buy from someone like Would a US doctor write a prescription for it? Or would a Novolog Rx work? Just wondering as this new year/new deductible has kicked in and it will soon be time to fill a 90 day supply for my daughter. Thought about asking the endo the next time we are there but if they will take a Rx for Novolog is it worth it?


It appears there the same
“Insulin aspart is a fast-acting insulin analog marketed by Novo Nordisk as NovoLog/NovoRapid. It is a manufactured form of human insulin; where a single amino acid has been exchanged. This change helps the fast-acting insulin analog be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream.”
I guess you would need a dcript for it though.

  1. Manufactured by: Yes - Both manufactured by Novo Nordisk
  2. Legal to buy from someone like - Technically illegal to buy from a Canadian supplier and have shipped to US but it is done all the time. Insulin does not require a prescription to purchase in Canada. You are allowed to go to Canada and purchase up to a 90 day supply to bring back into the US. Not convenient for everyone, but if you have your 90 day over prescribed, you can bring in a substantial amount for personal use. (90 days but nobody knows how much you actually use in 90 days). You can only bring into US for yourself, not others and US Customs and border patrol may ask to see your US prescription.

I buy and bring in all my insulin from Canada as it is 90% less than US MSRP and I use Lantus in cartridges as well as Humalog cartridges and Lantus cartridges are not even available in US. Humalog cartridges are available in US.

Buying insulin from a mail order facility in Canada, provides minimal risk, but you are more apt to have insulin damages because it sat at border customs in warm conditions for several days before you got it. Use a pharmacy that at least ships insulin in insulated packaging. Mail order insulin from Canada is far cheaper than buying Insulin in US but much more expensive than buying in person in Canada. In person, price is about 90% less than US msrp. I think mail order is about 50% less (don’t remember exactly). I also don’t believe that Canadian pharmacy will replace insulin if damaged in transit so it is all at your risk. Ask them to make sure.

I have uploaded the rules and regulations to bring insulin in from Canada here and have highlighted the important sections here:
InsulinCanada1-USCODE-2011-title21-chap9-subchapVIII-sec384Highlighted.pdf (129.5 KB)

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They are exactly the same thing. Insulin goes by different brand names around the world. Novolog is the American brand name for insulin aspart, it is called NovoRapid everywhere else far as I’m aware.

Check this discussion, and links to Novolog savings card. I just filled my RX for Novolog, for 15/vial.

Novolog savings card info