Anyone using contact detach sets?

We just started using contact detaches - we were having such anxiety over the inset 30s even though once in - she was fine with them.

Here are my questions

  1. Do you find that the tubing from the anchor site is too short?

  2. For each change so far when we pull out the old site (we are on our 3rd set) there is blood at the site. Not a lot - like a finger prick - but still blood there - is this just from the steel set?

  3. We have been having higher than usual numbers since using this set. I thought that the steel sets generally had less issues with absorbtion issues . . . Although tonight she was 326 before dinner (last night I changed all her settings - upped basals and changed a few of her i:c) had 12 carbs, went to bolus and the pump told us that she did not have enough insulin . . .so we went thru the whole change. bolused for the now 306 and 50 minutes later she was 46!!! Wow that was a big drop in less than an hour. I can only suspect that the new site had better absorbtion . . .hmmm

4, What do you do with the set when you pull out the site? With the insets - there is a soft cannula so there is no sharp and the set to begin with all fits into the neat little capsule so no sharps . . . I guess it just seems weird - I have been bending the needle over and pressing the anchor site to the needle set for secure measures and then placing in the sharps container.

Ok I had a few more questions but they have left me now . . .

Overall - we really like these sets and she has much less anxiety over them . . . Much quicker site changes.