A Different Question on Metal Sets

I fortunately have minimal allergic reactions to sets, so I am no help to Jen and her post on metal sets.

I am at the end of my first box of metal Contact Detach sets which I ordered based on the rave reviews by Zoe and others. My previous post indicated that I haven’t been very happy with them. The needle is ginormous and caused bleeding and bruising with most of my early sets.

I’ve been using them along with continuing with my primary infusion sets which are Comfort Shorts (angled set that is the equivalent of Medtronic Silhouette). I’ve used them in my more fatty areas and been super careful not to sleep on them.

I really like the metal sets because they begin absorbing insulin immediately and I don’t have to fool around with an increased prime or temporary basal rates for a few hours.

My question is related to the adhesive on the sets. The box I received has terrible adhesion on the patch that has the needle that infuses the insulin. The first few sets I used fell off immediately and I’ve been using tape after applying them ever since, the patch that it is the “intermediary” patch sticks fabulously and I have to rip it off when I remove the set.

Do I have a bad batch or is this a common problem with these sets? I refuse to use a set that I have to add extra tape with.

Hi Laddie. I haven't had that problem with sticking, though we all have different skin. I do find they pull out at times and then I tape them back down, or if they're in an uncomfortable place, but not in general, no. If you don't routinely have sticking problems with your other sets I would wonder if you have a bad batch. Btw I just use good old-fashioned adhesive tape and a roll lasts forever!

As for the size and the bleeding/bruising, you do know they come in two sizes 6mm and 8mm? I actually switched to the 8mm because I find they pull out less easily, but maybe if you are using the 8 you could switch to the 6?

I use the 6mm. I do think that I have a bad batch because normally I have no problems with infusion sets sticking. After my first Detach set or two, I swore I’d never get them again. But in some ways (absorption is great!), I like them. I really would like to see a 4mm:-)

I also find the adhesive on them is terrible. They fall out very easily compared to other sets. I like them much better than plastic sets and react to them much less and have better blood sugar control, though, so I'm willing to stick with them ... though it is annoying when one randomly comes out at work. It usually doesn't outright fall out, but it takes a minimal tug to dislodge it sometimes. Last week I had two come out in the span of 24 hours.

I now immediately put tape on the set when I insert it, but I really don’t like having to use tape. I rarely have to use tape with any other type of set.

Hi laddie. Do you wipe down your skin with alcohol swabs before inserting the set? And be sure you haven't used any lotion or other moisturizer on the area. If I do these things mine stick well. Sometimes if I hit a tender or easily bleeding spot I will just pull it, trim the circle of adhesive paper away, clean the needle with and a new spot with another swab, then use athletic tape to stick it down in the new spot. I round the ends of the tape so it doesn't pull up so easily - No corners to catch in clothing or whatever. Works really well for me. I don't have trouble with sticking at all on my sets, but as Zoe said, everyone's skin is different. Maybe you did get a bad batch, though?