Anyone using Dexcom's new Portrait-on-the-Web site to upload CGM data?

I have a mac so I thought I'd kick the tires on Dexcom's web based CGM data visualization. It appears to work in Safari but not in Chrome (the site says 32 bit chrome works but Chrome's about page does not tell me if I'm using 32 or 64bit and it didn't work in chrome for me)

The site that shows you a download button to get started is:

however that is not the place you go to upload your CGM. I guess that would have been too straightforward

The site that you actually upload your CGM data to is

I was pretty disappointed with it to be honest. extremely limited charts and no way to set your own targets. I hope Dexcom improves this a lot more in the very near future. Hopefully this is just a beta.

I'm wondering if anyone else here has had a better or different experience than I did.


I really like the Dexcom Studio and then the OmniPod Co Pilot, but what I really like is Diasend ( because it compiles both sets of data together. It also incorporates activity, although I don't have a device that manages such. Diasend is Web based and free, so it might be of interest to you.

An HP Stream Windows 8 computer is only $200. Worth every penny. An awesome computer? No, not by a long shot. But for what you pay, it's worth every penny. Plus it should run Dexcom Studio with no problems.

Larger version only a bit more:

I ran it on Chrome without too much of an effort, but I agree that the charting is extremely limited and left me kinda feeling unimpressed.

@Scott Wilkins - I hear you, but c'mon, really?

Must I have a pump/meter with inaccessible data, a CGM with barely accessible data, a phone with a different OS, a tablet with another OS, now I have to buy another laptop (for only $200!) with a completely separate OS (that constantly needs updating for security, plus AV protection).

I downloaded , installed but will not upload my Dex

Looked and worked great for me, has what I use most on Studio anyway. Had to hit return to allow driver kexts to load before upload but that's trivial. I think the perspective one should have on this is that it is very obviously a first run, and they will almost certainly polish the rough spots and add features in the near future.

This, for me, means I'm done with BootCamp, done with VirtualBox for my Dex needs. Happy day.

My one complaint: how come Dexcom hasn't sent an email to all users singing this from the rooftops? I only know of it from this newsgroup. Is it brand new as of today?

I was surprised I didn't hear from Dex about this too, since I have had numerous discussions with the local rep. I heard about from a friend on Twitter.

The most likely reason for not notifying all users singing this from the rooftops is because they are testing it in a small market area first, attempting to work out as many kinks as they can before they do announce it.

You are prob using 32-bit Chrome. What version of chrome am I using?

I’ve also heard that, at least at this point in time, Portrait kind of sucks. So we’ll stick to Diasend until Portrait is “polished”. Based on my stellar experiences with the wonderful Dexcom folks, this won’t be long…