Download for MAC users

How can I download Dexcom info on a MAC?

Try doing an internal search of this site using the term, "dexcom studio mac". The search window for TuD is in the upper right corner of your screen. This topic has been covered many times and searching this site will give you many answers to your question.

Good luck.

Hi Terry,
Thanks for your reply.
I saw these replies but haven't found the direct answer...what is Studio? Is that for windows only?

Studio is Dexcom software that only runs in a Windows environment. You can't run Studio directly on a Mac but you can partition your Mac hard drive to run the Windows operating system on a portion of it. If you did that then you could run Studio on the Mac. I have no experience doing this; I only know that some people here have done it.

Try the search term, "dexcom windows." That might give you the results you're looking for.

Thank you.

Dexcom told me they will have something for mac in a few months. If I find anything else I will post it here or reply to your question, please let me know if you find other software too :-)

Fairly soon Dexcom should be offering a web-based option for us to be able to upload our data conveniently in an OS-independent way. Until then, the only option that is Dexcom-supported is the one mentioned above.

Alternatively, there's this Chrome-based extension developed by the same folks that are working on the NightScout project:

More on Nightscout:

New web-based software from Dexcom, now that's good news! I hope its reports and utility are at least equal to Diasend. I like the Diasend reports that integrate CGM, meter, and pump with carb info. I hope that Dexcom steps up and produces something useful. I look forward to it.

Diasend is a free program (go to which (as of this month) is compatible with Dexcom (as well as most meters, and at least four pumps (t:slim, Omnipod, Animas and Asante). And it is Mac compatible. And did I mention that it's FREE?

I just talked to the Network people at Dexcom and he told me that sometime next month they are coming out with a Mac version of Studio software. He did not know exactly when but said to check the web site periodically.