Dexcom CGM software

Does anyone have the software where you can download your results? My provider has it, but I see her every three months. Do you know if the software is extra? Do any of you have it? Do you find it helpful?


Ame E.

It's free. Yes, I find it helpful to see my own data. Your mileage may vary.

You can download the software from the Dexcom web site Under the products tab look for Dexcom Studio, the download is free.

Just confirming previous replys. It is free and easy to use. I find it very helpful.
I also use Diasend to upload and view data. Is also very helpful for me.

I consider downloading/uploading data as a very important tool to help control blood glucose. While the CGM gives great guidance on your current trend and can warn about highs and lows, looking at the recent past is an insightful process. According to statistics, very few of us do this. I highly recommend it! Check out Diasend, too. It's also free and allows you to upload meter and pump data, if you have it. The integrated reports are great.

If you use a Mac, you can now use Dexcom Portrait which is a web-based program. It is not close to being as good a program as Studio but it is better than nothing.

The other program you can use is called Diasend. This program will take your Dexcom data and pump data if you have one and compile it into a comprehensive report. It too is free of charge and I really like the reports.

thank you everyone.

After registering here are my two FREE options.

Dexcom Software Updates
Download NEW Software 505**
**Update Tool available for users 18 years or older. Windows download only.

Download Dexcom Portrait On The Web

I will let you know how it goes...