Anyone Using Medco for Insulin?

I learned a tough lesson in 2011. Don't wait until the last two weeks of the year to order insulin. Ten days now and still don't have it. Anyone have trouble with these guys at other times of the year?

Hi Mike - I use Medco too. I have never had any problem with them - either with the supply or the cold packaging. I would bet it is the time of year....

We’ve had problems year round - enough so that I’ve decided to pay the additonal cost to use our local pharmacy for insulin. We’ve had prescriptions take an unreasonably long time to process, had insulin arrive warm (shipped 2 day air in the heat of the summer from Las Vegas to Texas) and prescriptions get deleted from their system without explanation, We still use them for strips and other supplies, but I won’t use them anymore for temperature sensitive medicines or if I’m in a hurry. They did tell me that if you’re in a hurry for an item, you should phone in and not use their online ordering system.

We had enough trouble that our HR department got involved, and I now have a contact I can call directly to get things handled properly and expediently. That process, though, frequently takes an hour or more - the cost savings are just not worth the time I was having to spend to get prescriptions filled each quarter. We will be changing insurance later this year, and I hope we have another provider for mail order. We had Express Scripts previously, and they were really on the ball.

Good luck!

Thanks...........still no insulin and I run out Sat or Sun.They told me yesterday it would ship next Monday. There is nothing on their web site about a shipment. Prob go to the pharmacy and pay their price. Novolog costs five times more than regular.This is a family site, so I can't post my real feelings about this.

I had problems with this until I started using the automatic refill thing for insulin. Now it just shows up...if you haven't tried this, it might help.


also use medco, takes about 5-7 days for my daughters insulin to get here from Las vegas to NJ, but my blood pressure meds take 2 days, its all about where its shipped from, though thats no help to you. I agree its very annoying and worrisome. good luck