Anyone using the combined t:slim/G4 device?

Anyone using the newly-available combined t:slim/G4 pump/CGM? If so, what do you think of it so far? Were you on either or both of them as separate devices before?

The tslim G4 is my first pump and I started with saline this week. I have been using the G4 since its release. So far, I’ve been having issues with the transmission of my data. I am not sure if this is due to my receiver still being in use. Also, as other mention with the vibe, It’s not always practical to pull up the pump and tubing to see your numbers. Let me know if you have other questions :smile:

i am using Tslim g4 almost two month. I do not have any problem regarding Dexcom G4 Platinum but there is some different CGM reading due to the different version of Dexcom software. I am so happy to use Tslim G4.
There are some good features and missing features for each insulin pump. After i see actual pumps and go over user manual for my candidate insulin for two months. here is the list of reason i chose Tslim G4…

  1. I need 300 unit insulin holding
  2. Easy to set up personal setting profile and change and copy
  3. Must see current Insulin on board to make additional decision along with current CGM data and possible glucose meter reading if i need to make adjustment for target setting.
  4. Pump with Dexcom receiver function
  5. Very flexible time setting for extend Bolus time setting instead of step time increment.
  6. Easy to down load pump data into see without special hardware and analysis to make adjust of food choice an timing
  7. recharge able battery and charge connector is easy to find if i need additional charger.
  8. infusion set and support insulin ( Humlog an Novolog)
  9. Pump data capability
  10. Brightness and color for pump display at daytime and typical use of time. I must see pump data at outside activity time.

I have been using the Tslim G4 combo for just a couple months now, makes my life so much easier! I started out on the Cosmo, which I adored, but when they went out of business I was forced to switch to an Animas Ping, which was fine, but lacked some of the tech I loved in the Cosmo. Finally, this fall, I switched to Tandem, which purchased a lot of Cosmo’s technology, and got a G4. Using the two in combination, I love the ease and freedom I have in managing my diabetes. The Tslim makes my boluses quick and easy, and the G4 helps me monitor my levels wherever I am, without a hassle. So whether I’m on stage playing a gig, helping out at the barn, or in class, I’m free to be a worry-free, under control, me. :blush:

Hi I just got my Tandem pump I find filling the cartridge to be a longer process than my previous Animas pump. How do you feel about it do you pre-fill cartridges?

I just switched to the T:Slim G4 from the Animas Ping yesterday. I agree that the fill process is long and tedious, I hope that I can make it faster after doing it a few times. Prefilling cartridges? that’s a good idea…are people doing this? how long can they be stored in this state?

I have heard of people pre filling a few cartridges at a time but I am scared to potentially waste insulin if it starts to break down in the cartridge. For some reason using one needle for refills seems to cut down on time and if I anticipate changing cartridges that day I fill one in advance and carry it in my meter til I need it.