Any advice on t-slim?

I have decided I am going for the t-slim next week, I am tired of minimed (16 years) I was just wondering if anyone has any comments if they like it, or dislike it, and why.
when you look online some sites you really don’t get any peoples comments I am curious about your opinions (good or bad)

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Not sure if it will make a difference to you or not, but if you haven’t already, you might want to download the t:slim simulator app (if you have a smartphone or tablet available to you). It will give you a chance to play with the interface. Again, I don’t know if that will make any difference, but I’m a fan of maximizing available information.

Thanks, but I did that already (download), But I am just curious about what others think.

I started on the T:Slim back in June and I love it! My opinion might be biased, though, as I had never had a pump before. I like not having to scroll though numbers to input my info (can’t stand doing that with Dexie), and I like the fact that it doesn’t require batteries. I can be a little forgetful at times and would hate to be caught in a situation where I needed batteries and didn’t have them. I have a spare charger in my car, but generally just juice it back up while I’m in the shower. These are little things, I realize, but it’s the little things that count. It’s very easy to use and took me only minutes to figure things out.

While I don’t have too many downsides, as I have nothing to compare it to, the screen gets a little gross sometimes. It’s the worse when I’m at work. I’m very physically active at work and wear the pump clipped to the inside of my pants so the screen is next to my abdomen. It just gets dirty like any touch screen, and needs to be wiped down.

I am looking at the T:Slim for my son, as his Dexcom CGM Receiver broke on Thanksgiving Day (no, not from overload.)

Anyway, here is my Pros/Cons compared to his Paradigm pump + G4, versus a T:Slim G4:

Pros for T:Slim

  1. One display unit to control everything (and only one item to drop/fall/misplace/lose/leave on a train…)
  2. Better delivery system over Paradigm (so I hear across several websites)
  3. Entering numbers versus waiting to scroll seems faster.
  4. Customizable bolusing delivery timetable.
  5. Customizable basal delivery plans (more can be created.)

Cons for the T:Slim:

  1. When using the ‘simulator’, it seemed to be a much longer process to get a bolus with correction into the system, as well as the extra acknowledgement step. Seem much faster to use Paradigm.
  2. Merging of technology is usually waters down at least one of the functions. A multifunction printer (print/fax/scan/copy) frequently does only one of these jobs well, and the rest seem less reliable than separate devices.
  3. Fear of change - He has done well with the other solution, and a new pump is an unknown.
  4. Medtronics has “basal intervention” which can stop basal delivery when a low is occurring, while this device does not.

My final plan is to replace the Dexcom G4 Receiver immediately, and then see about a trial run of the T:Slim, so we don’t invest hastily. Net result will be an integrated pump/cgm plus a spare CGM and a spare pump.

Thanks Missmargie, you not having had before, and why, is a good way to look at it. Just one little idea (I am just being silly) cover the screen.(hahaha)

Thanks Ms. Bee, the details are very good (kind of like you are going to write an article on it)., and the cons are not that bad at all.

I have used the T-slim for 3 years. This is my 5th pump and I have been pumping for 30 years. It is good for my purposes. I have found that I don’t use most of the bells and whistles that it has. My basic requirements of a pump is a basal and bolus feature.

The only down sides to the T-slim is that there is no display to review boluses on the pump and that the pump info is not available locally on my computer. I am a data analyst by trade and don’t need to have the company per-determine for me what the reports should look like. I do that for my clients.

No display to review boluses where? The history screen has all the details for the day…you have me confused here!?!

Two weeks on, very happy so far. I had a great trainer, excellent service compared to Animas this time who didnt call once despite the fact I was spending almost $2000 out of pocket. I like the pump, I did buy the newest one with the newest updates. I am only trying to nail down a couple small issues, but otherwise I find it to be a lot more interesting than the older ones on the market. And for the record, I have used almost all Animas and Medtronic pumps. I was waiting to see the next Medtronic, but my Ping and Revel were failing so I had to go do something right away.

Thank you Ms. Laura, I appreciate that. I kind of figured that they would have those things,

Just to clarify, I did buy the CGMS ready pump though I am not currently able to afford the technology. I found an article or two online about the revisions made to the newer pumps (supposedly including more rapid fill time) and I think the product does reflect those changes. The local trainer responds to every Email I send her, and service over the phone when I needed it, was prompt and courteous. Everyone should ideally see every pump they buy, and I did not see this one. I did use the phone app to get the feel of how the pump is designed. So anyone, please do your homework (maybe even see the pump…lol) but I feel this is a good choice.

I stand corrected. There is a screen on my current pump. Tandem just replaced the pump about 5 weeks ago because it would not charge. I’m not sure if I got the benefit of a software update or whether it was on the original pump. I know I looked for it several times when I first got the T-slim 3 years ago and did not find it. The Tandem rep commented that I was one of the early users of the T-slim.

When the t:slim first came out, Tandem maintained a no-trial no-moneyback policy. I would have tried their pump back in 2012 if this policy were not in place. Is this still their policy?

Many of the pump companies use a 30-day money-back guarantee. That only seems fair as people that use an insurance company to help fund the pump are, in essence, making a four-year commitment to this pump and its dedicated stream of supplies.

The other thing that would give me pause is the technological time-lock that the t:slim/Dex CGM imposes. It does not use the latest CGM firmware (505 update) used by one of the artificial pancreas studies. And I may be wrong, but I don’t think they can make updates going forward. I know that the algorithms to control blood glucose will be changing as the researchers learn more. I would not want to substantially lag behind the knowledge frontier.

Terry4: I have no knowledge of the policy at Tandem. Call them 877.801.6901.

Having supplies from Baxter, MiniMed, Accu-Chek (no wonder I can’t spell) and Tandem I have not noticed that the supplies varied very much. I have even paid for the supplies out of my pocket for several years. Supplies were always expensive.

As for technology, I have been in the IT world for 45 years, diabetic for 50 years and on a pump for 30 years. I believe that there is a great value to figuring it out for myself. I have seen the recommendations change radically since 1966. I do not rely on the pump to calculate boluses based on carbs. I don’t know what my carb ratio because I don’t eat carbs. (>20/dy). I have also figured that my greatest enemy is what I eat.

We all love talking about why the pump we have is he best, but the fact is each one of us wants different things and it really comes down to what can you live without or what you really need is when you find he “perfect” pump.
I was with Minimed (now Medtronic) for 25 years. I those 25 years, I had only 3 pumps. So for me, the fact they last was huge for me. The CGM was never one of my favorites. I had a lot of problems with the and did give up with those. My biggest thing I loved was the bolus wizard. Over the years I almost completely forgot how to make all the adjustments we need to make every time we bolus. I also never had any problems with customer service, getting supplies or even when I needed an emergency infusion set, it was always on my doorstep that day. Great customer service.
Yes, I have switched pumps and now have a t:slim. And yes I do like it. One great thing is you get to pick and chose what infusion set you want. And there are a lot out there. The newer ones have the CGM connection with Dexcom which is great but I have an older one so my two pieces are separate. Not a deal breaker for me either way.
My biggest problem is that the bolus calculations don’t take into consideration a blood sugar under target but not under their 80 threshold. I do think the new models have taken care of that problem, but I have had to relearn those old day math gymnastics that I hated so much. Back to calculator in hand and spending time before each meal to make those adjustments.
Yes, we all love talking about our favorite pump and why ours is the best but until I can design my own with the features I want, I will just have to take the good with the good and decide which I can live with and which I can’t. Good luck with your pump journey and may your best pump win!

Ah ha! Great!!!

Yes, supposedly they fixed that. I never noticed but I think they did. I also dont mind that no one meter goes with the pump. It is nice not to even care what meter I choose to use.

Bearing in mind that service by Tandem reps varies widely…
Tandem offered a 30day return period for my dauhhter. The first pump was faulty & it was quite a frustrating experience trying to get a replacement. I found the reps (local sales rep & RN trainer) to be very pushy, & they worked very hard not to take the pump back. I was disappointed because I had heard only good things about Tandem. That said, we did finally receive a replacement. The only issue with the current pump is a cheap & poorly designed port cover.

The t:slim does have software upgrade capability. The newer pumps (issued since early summer) already have the most recent upgrades. Unfortunately, those of us with older pumps have wait for FDA approval of the upgrade, at least according to Tandem. From info given in their earnings calls, at some point we’ll be able to download the software updates via computer.

Just to let you know, I ordered it yesterday, it is just the t:slim. I can’t get a cgm yet, (patience is a virtue)