Tslim vs 530g?

I have narrowed my ideal pumps down to the Medtronic 530g w/ enlite and tandem t:slim using dexcom g4 cgm. Since i am responsible for the bulk of the cost I am looking for reviews on both. What worked well, what didn’t. Personally I really like that the t:slim is water tight and I only have to calibrate the dexcom 2xdaily. The price doesn’t hurt either. From what I have read most people prefer dexcom cgm to Medtronic. That said, I don’t want to just dismiss the Medtronic because I really like that it is integrated with the cgm, I’m just not sure that is enough of a reason to go with it. The lack of water resistance is a HUGE con for the 530g and I am not sure if I can get over it, but I am trying to keep an open mind.

I'm a t:slim Dex G4 user and am loving both. I'm happy with the seperate receiver for the G4. I prefer to peek at the G4 receiver with out pulling out the pump/tubing etc. Don't always need to dose/correct but still want to see where I'm at trend wise on the dexcom- like when I'm headed out to the car for my daily commute, or at work and can't tell of I'm hot flashing, sweating with a low or if the AC is not working right.
Not an issue to carry both. I'm on my feet throughout the day and my activity levels vary depending on the day as does my insulin requirements. Am liking my tallygear tommietote 2. Have the one with a single clear window so I can easily access the CGM data as needed. Tend to wear pants without pockets so it lets me carry pump, CGM, car keys, cash, fitbit, rescue carbs, ID/drivers license/credit card etc with out any of it being obvious.

I tend to cover a standard amount of carbs via a rapid bolus pre meal and then top up while eating. Don't need to pull out the tslim for rapid bolus as it can be set for a defined carb or insulin amount depending on your preference. It uses a beep/vibrate for each set amount. I'm on a short break cycle at work so I can pre bolus as I head down to the cafeteria, for an amount I will always eat and then top up if I go over or if I need to add a correction.
Will pull out the pump at the table and add FS info and corrections/additional carbs if needed. But I find for the most part that with my eating habits, that a standard bolus on the way, plus a top up as needed keeps me under good control. Not saying I don't need to chase after things when it all goes FUBAR, but the ease with which the tslim lets you make temp or permanent adjustments helps you stay on top of things, both on the up and down side as needed.