Anyone with Type 2 or LADA had sudden spikes not caused by diet or illness?

I’m worried because my bg readings have almost doubled recently and I’m hoping one of you out there knows what’s going on.

In Feb. I was sent for a routine OGTT when I was 25 weeks pregnant with my son. It came back 18 mmols (324). The Endo told me that the reading was so high that she suspected I didn’t have gestational diabetes, but that I had some underlying condition that had previously gone undiagnosed. I was put on four doses of insulin (Toronto and NHP) and tested 4x a day.

I gave birth to a healthly, normal-size baby boy on May 15.

At the hospital they tested my bg and it looked pretty good, so the endo on call told me to monitor it over the next couple weeks and follow up with my family doc. I did random readings and my morning fasting ranged from 6.2 to 7.8 (112-141) and my two-hour after meal readings were anywhere from 6.8 to 10.9 (123-180). I was supposed to do a follow up OGTT at 6 weeks post partum but my doc and endo both said that they expected to see a big improvement if I lost a little of the baby weight. Everything continued on as normal until two weeks ago my numbers started going up all of a sudden. The first day, my fasting was at 8.6, then the next 8.9 then 9.2 and my after meals where as high as 16.7.

I called the doc and she got me in right away. She told me she believed I had type 2 and put me on insulin (because I’m breastifeeding). I asked her why this happened and she said I might’ve had a honeymoon eriod after the pregnancy that made my numbers look better than they are.

But I thought pregnancy made you worse if anything. And I did lose weight, isn’t that supposed to make it better? An A1C was done back in Feb and it was 6.8, so this spike is recent.

Anyone had a similar experience?

First of all, congratulations on the wonderful baby boy!
No, I haven’t had a similar experience, but I’ve seen this happen in others. (And I noted no one was responding, so I thought I’d let you know you’re not alone in this.)
Your Endo is right on. She gave an appropriate answer. She’s treating you just right.
Your body is experiencing a lot of changes- AFTER having a baby - they’ll smooth out over time. Keep on the regime your Endo has recommended - you’ve got a major job with caring for the baby AND instituting your own healthy care. Take good care of yourself, keep a good records, keep that blood sugar within the target, and save time to ENJOY your baby! And come back - know you have friends here who know what you’re going through - and tell us how you’re doing

Oh that makes me feel so much better! I thought my pancreas was shutting down or something!

It’s so great to find others who know what I’m going through because my friends and family don’t understand the numbers, they don’t understand what complications can happen and they don’t understand why I’ve not been able to accept this after a week.

Kelly - I hope you are doing well. I was diagnosed with diabetes during my second trimester of my first pregnancy. Initially, my OB and endocrinologist thought is was gestational. But because of my smaller size and very high blood sugar readings, they ended up doing a GAD65 antibody test and turns out, I have LADA, late autoimmune diabetes of the adult, a form of Type 1, more specifically Type 1.5. It has characteristics of both Type 1 and Type 2 and so often goes misdiagnosed, especially during pregnancy, when everyone is thinking gestational. I am insulin dependent and now use a pump. In rare cases, a person can be trending toward Type 1 diabetes, and the stress of the pregnancy pushes you into the symptomatic phase. Women can be misdiagnosed with gestational diabetes, when they really are new Type 1s. I do not mean to panic you, but I just want to share what happened to me, and from my research, what has happened to others. Have you had GAD65 antibody testing? I am happy to answer any questions you have for me.



I had gestational diabetes myself.I wasn’t on anything at the time as far as medication but I had to monitor my sugar.It’s been 11 years since I had a baby.It’s been just about a year since I found out I’m type 2.As recently as last weekend,my sugar spiked to 499.Fortunately,within a matter of about 8 hours,it came down over 200 points.During that time I didn’t eat or drink anything that spike it.I did alot of stumbling,it looked as if I was drunk.I hear stress can spike it.I hope your doing and feelig better.Congrats on your new son

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for responding. I posted this in August and no much has changed as far as my bgs go. My doc put me back on insulin 2x a day of the long-acting stuff. I think she still thought at the time that this would go away. My son is almost 5 months now, so I’ve accepted that is likely permanent.

My doc refered me to a diabetes educator (I’ve been pushing to see an endo). She said the tests you mentioned are only done if they have reason to believe you’re not Type 2. I think I do have good reason to believe I’m not Type 2, so I’m pressing for these tests, but getting nowhere. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow and I’m going to press for it and see what happens.

Thanks for your input.