OmniPod Customer Care Line Issues

Is anyone else having issues contacting anyone, on any of the dial-a-number options on the OmniPod Customer Care line (the 800 591 3455 number)?

I have been on hold collectively for about 3 hours since this past Sunday, trying every day except for one to get through. It seems they've added a new 'leave a voicemail' option too, which I have left 2 messages on, but haven't had any response. I also sent an email to the customer care inbox through the website and haven't had anything.

Is anyone else experiencing the same thing, where it's like there's no one home?

Secondly, does anyone have the name or contact details of the higher-up that would be in charge of this sort of thing? As I'd like to write them and let them know how much they've dropped the ball from what used to be great customer service!

I had to call them twice over a period of a week (to get my new pdm) and in both cases, I left a message. I think their message stated they would call back within 24 hrs. In each case they did return my call within 24 hrs, altho the call usually came in the last hour before the 24 ran out. The # I call is 866-232-3640

Due to the new pods, the wait time is usually at least 1 hour. Call early in the morning and be patient is all I can recommend.

That I can understand, but really are they doing their business any justice if they aren't at least adding a few people to the call center? It might hurt a little 'profit' in the beginning, but if I can't get through to them, I'm going to change to a company that will answer my calls and return my voicemails in less than 4 days.

Yes…with the new PDMs they are busy…my wait has been about 20min. I put the phone on speaker and do other things…
Be patient.
I left a message, never got a return call.

I have left messages, multiple times, and been called back each time, but as others mentioned it could be right at the 24 hour limit on when they are supposed to call back. I have also just sat online, last night for just under a full hour, something like 58 minutes on hold before a rep answered. I had to call in and actually speak to someone since I had a pod failure and was now without any replacements, AND my normal shipping company had also dropped the ball and had not shipped me my last shipment. I was about 1 week ahead prior to this, but will not and forever after be shipped right at the limit on the end of a box of 10. Sucks.

Anyway, put the phone on speaker and wait, it is likely faster than attempting to wait for a call back.

I've never run a business, but have some friends who have. It can be very frustrating for everyone in times like this. I'm sure there are folks at Insulet screaming for additional people, and others saying it's not possible. When it comes down to the difference between money and people, money always wins. No matter what company it is, or how dedicated they are.

I was wondering same thing this week! To the people out there - have you tried calling this week? I’ve called everyday this week and waited a long time - left the phone on speaker with music hold - but no one ever picks up. I also left a message on Monday and it’s now Thursday with no call back. It’s been beyond ridiculous.

Yes, I have and it's very disturbing. I'm out of Pods too and no idea when I will get more because I can't reach anyone. My doc gave me a prescription for Lantus and Humalog pens to last until they ship me pods but I'm very disappointed.

I was told by someone at Insulet that they are slammed. They have hired 11 new customer support people and have a dedicated team just to return messages. However all these people are still being trained. My distributor is sending me one box at a time to keep us good with my 4 year old until they can catch up on supply.

One more point. Another person at Insulet said a lot of people who are reordering end up pressing the option for customer support and not getting through. She said people need to make sure they are going to the reorder option and you should get through. I do not know and have no experience since I go through a distributor.

I called in Monday morning 6:00 am Pacific time. I was heading out on 2 and a half hour road trip with nothing better to do. It took 27 minutes for customer support to pick up.

I'm having the same problem trying to call omnipod.

I was on hold for over 2 hours steady today - never picked up. I called yesterday and was on hold over an hour and left a message with no call back.

Insulet should be absolutely embarrassed by the recent waits on its Customer Care line. Over the last two weeks, I have spent about 90 minutes total on hold working through issues with my new insurance and new PDM. It's almost like they want people to become frustrated and choose Medtronic.

I’ve been on hold for 15 minutes. I left a voicemail last week about getting my new PDM because I got the new pods. I only have 3-4 old pods left so I’m cutting it super close. I don’t trust that the message I left about them shipping me my PDM is going to work. But how the hell am I supposed to get a hold of someone?!? Ugh!

So I just got through. Took 28 minutes. They are overnighting me a PDM :slight_smile:

Called last Mon. to reorder, held for 42 min., told me I was being upgraded(yipiee!), shipping only 1 box(the other 3 will ship in two weeks!), so using up the last of my old pods, 1 fails on priming(first one in a long time) call to report, leave message, no call back after 3 days, call back today and held for 57 min!
At least the person who answered apologized for the long wait:):)

I call on my way to work which is a 30 minute drive, they pick up about 20 minutes in and I am usually able to get finished. This is just for calling in pod failures. I find first thing in the am is the least hold time.

If we could report pods online through some kind of automated system that would be cool. Like input the lot and sequence number then add in the pod alarm, with some blood sugars and notes. I gues they have to decide over the phone if they are going to replace it or not, however.