April 26, 2013

A week before, I had a routine check-up with my doctor. She asked if I worked out, yes. Asked if I ate healthy, yes. Asked if I drank enough water, yes. Asked if I drank alcohol, yes...occasionally. Smoked? Completely against it. The list went on and on. She said I seemed very healthy but that I should get some bloodwork done, just as another routine. So that next Thursday, I did just that. I fasted for 11 hours, made sure I drank plenty of water the morning of and brushed my teeth. I went in about 8:30 am, after I dropped my son off at daycare. I was in and out in no time. The nurse explained to me that I should hear the results within the next day or two.

The next day I was running some errands and just enjoying the beautiful day outside. Little did I know, my life was about to change, forever. I get a call at 10:30 from the practioner. She literally says, "Sara, we got your bloodwork back and your sugar was very high, it was at 356. Looks like your diabetic, can you come in today at 11?" Let me tell you...driving and getting that news do not mix well, especially when she was very blunt about the situation and didn't have a care in the world about what she had just told me. I don't know if I was mad at her because of that or because of what she told me. I had to pick up my son at 1 and asked if I had enough time to go the appointment. I was told it was only going to take 30 mins, if that. 30 mins? To explain diabetes to me? 30 mins? To tell me my life has changed for the worse and there's nothing anything or anyone can do about it? You get ready for the day in 30 mins. You eat lunch in 30 mins. You take a walk in 30 mins. You do not reevaluate your life...in 30 mins.

I love my doctor but she had no idea what she was talking about. She took out a meter, OneTouch Verio IQ. Had no idea how to use it, so she grabbed another one, FreeStyle Lite. She was familiar with this one but she gave me both of them to take home and try out. I preferred the OneTouch. I tried asking questions but I had no idea what to really ask. She said no more white foods, such as potatoes, bread, rice, etc. Not that I ate much of it anyway. No sugar/sweets. Fruits in moderation. Lots of veggies. And that's basically it. I left in...30 mins. My eyes were swollen, my heart was jumping out of my chest and I was furious at the world. (Why me? I would be asking myself that a lot, and still kind of do, which is sad and pathetic, I know.)I still had to go face my son's teachers. I obviously kept my sunglasses on. Came home, put him to bed and just sat in the dining room with my family, sobbing. I could not believe this was happening. My parents thought I was misdiagnosed. They were in denial as much as I was. Type 1 does not have a history in my family. I am the first and only one. It's partially depressing and I know I need to get over that sooner than later, for my son's sake if anything.

I was on insulin just for the weekend until I seen my endocrinologist Monday morning. Not that I need to explain that day because everyone that has diabetes knows how hard it is. He gave me Novolog and Lantus and I stick myself 4 times a day. He's a very good, educated doctor that made me feel very comfortable. I still have yet to go to counseling or classes. I'm not sure what I'm waiting for. It's only been 2 months and yet it feels like years since being punched in the stomach with this.

My best friend was diagnosed 8 months prior to me. My husband works out of town and is gone away more than he is here so she is my rock. We help each other through everything and I am so grateful to have her in my life. She had no one there for her going through this so I can't even imagine. We always have the conversation of younger kids getting this disease and it always reminds us of how lucky we actually are. We can handle this. We are in our late 20's...there's nothing we can't do.

If anyone has any feedback, please don't hesitate. I am a very good listener.

My story is very similar to yours. Dx'ed T1D at age 27(2 yrs ago) with no family history and doctors followed typical protocol which initially resulted in poor blood sugar control and very little education for myself on how to handle everything. it was a tough few months after diagnosis as I came to terms with what I was dealing with. But it gets MUCH easier. I would recommend educating yourself in every way possible about diabetes and how best to handle it through diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc so you don't have to rely on drs for everything(because conventional treatment can be questionable at best). As time goes by you will learn exactly how your body responds to all of these lifestyle factors and what works/doesn't work.
2 yrs in and life has never been better for me. My diabetes is an afterthought most days, and my blood sugars are that of a normal person. You will get there too!
Also, I would recommend a pump. Im on the omnipod, and it greatly simplified my life with T1D.(I went on it about 3 months after dx)

Hi Sara: Wow, what a shock. But you have come to the right place (TuDiabetes) for support and a place to ask questions. Also, I wrote a blog for the newly diagnosed adult Type 1 that I hope you might find useful. I would encourage you to make an appointment with a good CDE, to learn all you can about taking the best care of yourself that you can. And as I mention in my blog, books like "Think Like a Pancreas" can be really helpful.

Also, 90% of people with Type 1 diabetes don't have a family history of Type 1.

You're lucky to have a close friend to work with on stuff. I didn't run into anyone really too much until I started hanging out online. Melitta's list is very good, although I'm not a big griever. I'm in Naperville, not too far away and know a few other people around here, although I'm older and very dull.

Shawn, thanks for your story. I feel for you. I definitely do not plan on relying on the doctors for everything. I'm so glad that you're doing great! That makes me a little positive knowing that it will get better. I'm going to see my Dr in July so I will have to talk to him about going on the pump. I'm kind of excited about not sticking myself anymore! Haha

Thank you, I will check those things out asap. I appreciate it!

Oh yea Naperville isn't far at all! And don't say you're dull! Everyone is interesting in some sort of way! :)