AquaPac failed, 722 Pump Broken

Hey everyone,

I just got back from a 3 week Backpacking trip to Thailand. I had ordered an Aquapac Insulin Pump waterproof case for my swimming/ocean adventures while I was there, but alas was pretty disappointed on the second day of my trip when I emerged from the swimming pool and found my pump was soaking wet inside the case, and had serious Button Error problems.

Eventually my pump, a Minimed Paradigm 722 that was not in warranty, shut off, and would not turn back on again. Luckily I had a 522 Loaner pump I brought with me for just such an occasion and used that for the rest of my trip. Occasionally if I tried different batteries I would get the light to turn on, but no power or any other indication of buttons/screen display. I started using my Water SportGuard case, and it worked wonders. I went snorkeling with it, swam in ocean waves/beaches, swam in pools, went kayaking. No problems at all.

If I leave the Battery in my now broken pump, after a few minutes it emits a very high pitched constant alarm-type noise. Nothing is displayed on the screen at all anymore. If I press buttons, nothing happens. If I remove the battery after it emits the noise for a while, it slowly stops and beeps quieter a few times.

I am going to have to send the loaner pump back to Medtronic very soon here, so will have to buy a new pump, but I just wanted to check if anyone had any ideas on how to save my broken pump? It has been over 2 weeks now since the water damage, I've tried drying it in rice and tons of different/new batteries to no avail. Does Minimed offer a refurbished service where I send in my broken pump, and they let me buy a newer/refurbished one for cheaper?


It might be worth a try to see if they will accept it in tradein for a new pump. They accepted my Animas Ping (out of warranty almost a year) for a 500 credit. However, my Ping still works. Don't think they can do anything with an old pump anyway as they can't resell it. So, certainly worthy of a try. Also, since you are a current pumper, I would think the turn around time should be rather short. You would just need to ensure you have a doctor's prescription on file.

Glad you had a good time during your trip but the loss of a pump is never good. Can you give more details on the Water SportGuard? I have ordered an AquaPac from Amazon but only intend on using it when canoeing and kayaking just in case I happen to get dunked. I don't plan on swimming with my pump on. Besides, nothing I can do either about the CGM sensor or its transmitter; so, swimming really is out.

Best of luck! Let us know if Medtronic allows the trade-in!


Hey Andy!

The Sportguard is something I've had for like, literally 10 years probably, and just kept around. I had never really used it, but it saved my entire trip by having it once I didn't trust the Aquapac. It's hard to find any pictures of it, but here's a link to it from a while ago:

I think I got it free from Minimed a long time ago for a promotion or something. It's designed only for their pump sizes I believe. It says 400 or 500 series, but my 722 fit okay into it as well. The 522 I had on Loaner fit perfectly.

The thing is literally indestructible. I went on rock climbing excursions through waterfalls, swam in ocean tides, snorkelled, splashed around in drunken pool parties and even went cliff jumping into water with it. Zero damage to pump or case. It's a little bulky, but for the protection of the device that keeps me alive, it fit okay into a zipup pocket (I didn't like the waistband).

Not even sure if you can still get them, and it's obviously very limited to only people using Minimed pumps but... I would take it again anywhere with me.

Calling Minimed tomorrow about pump so will update again then!