Paradigm Pumps

Am currently using the Paradigm 515 pump. Have been using Paradigms since they were first introduced in 2002. Since 2003 I have had problems with the pumps cracking in all corners of the front screen and also the resevoir screen. This is my 10th pump since then and they have all been replaced by Medtronic but they keep telling me that no one else has this problem. I have a hard time believing this since they keep replacing them. Pumps have never been dropped but continue to start cracking within weeks. My current pump I have had since November of 2007 and cracks started in January of 2008. Have just watched them get worse and worse and they now look like the pump is going to start shattering. I have never let the cracks go this far but I am sure that they will not replace this one since my warranty has expired. Am considering the Animas Ping currently since I do not want to deal with Medtronic pumps since they continue to do this cracking. Anyone else having a problem like this with cracks???

I had a Paradigm 712 and a Paradigm 715 - never had the issue you’re talking about. I’m so sorry.

I have a 522 and no cracks yet and it has been over a year.

I have a 722 since Sept. 2007, and no crakcs so far

I started with a 522 and now use a 722. I’ve been using it for a few months and I do have a small crack on the front screen that I keep my eye on very carefully. Like you, I haven’t dropped it to cause the crack so I’m not sure how it got there. Maybe being bumped into something? This is the first time that I’ve had any kind of crack though between the 2 pumps.

Can’t say I have. All my Paradime pumps have done good so far.

My 522 has a crack emanating from one corner of the screen and 3 around the reservoir window site. I just thought a crack is a crack and since I don’t plan on submerging the thing in water, no biggie. But from reading that this isn’t normal, I may reconsider. Like you, I never dropped it. The tubing is only long enough for it to dangle, not hit the floor.

If your pump is in warranty, they will send you a replacement. Minimed replaced mine even when it was only the backlight that went out!

I’ve had my 522 since January and have bumped it and have had it drop a few times but no crack whatsoever.


I have a 715. Of the many problems I have had, that is not one of them and I have dropped it on the floor many times. I’m a clutz!! LOL.

if your pump cracks get it replaced as soon as you can before warrenty is over

I have a 522 and I just had it replaced (under warrenty) two weeks ago because of cracks around the reservoir (sp) window. I haven’t dropped it and like someone else mentioned, I have enough tubing for it to dangle and not hit the floor. MM did replace it with relatively few questions asked.

have never had problems with my Minimed Paradyme but can understand your frustration. I don’t know a lot about the new Nipro but when the rep was showing it in our office he threw it (not dropped it) on the tile floor and there was not scratch or crack at all! Amazing. I have never seen a rep do that to thier pump!!!

I have had a 722 since Feb. 07. I pickup trash for a living and am hard on cell phones. I have not had any problems with cracks. Had an error last mo. as I was changing the battery and Medtronics replaced it and had it on my door step in less than 12 hours.