Arctic Zero Icecream

Has anyone tried artic Zero icecream?? Is has 35 calories, 7carbs, and 3 grams of protein for 1/2 cup. It’s yummy and seems to be a great sweet treat alternative!!

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Never heard of it. I wonder where they sell it.Nancy

I don’t believe I’ve tried that, but I recently discovered Enlightened ice cream, which has a great creamy texture and is also low in calories and carbs and high in protein. They have both bars and pints.

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I have found it at publix And Walmart

Thanks, I will check out Walmart. Nancy

I have tried it, but I favor a different product. I suggest looking at Halo Top. It is a high protein treat which comes in different flavors and each flavor has some different calorie counts. I am a big fan of vanilla bean 13 carbs in 1/2 cup or Sea salt Caramel 15 carbs in 1/2 cup.

I know in my area it is sold by Kroger.


I also like Halo Top, which uses erythritol and is fairly low in net carbs and low calorie and higher protein. My favorite flavors are oatmeal cookie and the peanut butter one; s’mores and red velvet are also pretty tasty. I thought the salted caramel tasted exactly like Butter Rum lifesavers, which wasn’t my favorite (I think I prefer that flavor in candy form). The chocolate is also always a little weird with these—I think hard to get a really good chocolate flavor with low cal anything. I’ve found the best flavor selection at Whole Foods and at my local non-chain markets so far, but I’ve also found limited flavor selections in the larger supermarkets.

I do wish someone would make one of these low sugar options with a bit more fat in it, for people who want low carb but not necessarily super low calorie.

Well @cardamom, to add a little fat to your icecream, the ultimate treat is icecream with a spoonful (or two) of cream on the top. Who needs a manufacturer to supply that little extra luxury?


Ha, while I like ice cream, I do not like straight milk/cream (weird perhaps, but true), so that doesn’t sound appealing at all to me, but maybe for other folks! I could potentially try my hand at making my own low sugar, full fat ice cream (or, if I were going to do that, I’d actually probably use a cashew or coconut base anyway). Maybe one of these days!

here’s @Brian_BSC 's recipe for low carb, full fat ice cream


There is a no sugar added coconut-milk based product that some stores have available by So Delicious. I only found it one time before the local store stopped carrying it, but it was good. I have to admit, I also tend to add heavy cream to my Halo Top when I want ice-cream :slight_smile: I can fit a half a pint in my macros pretty easily without murdering my BG.

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I agree I do not care for the chocolate either. I also do not care for strawberry. Hp\owever I do really like halo top overall.