Ice Cream

So I am curious does anyone else ever eat Ice cream and if so how have you handled the huge fat ratio.
I have learned to cover almost anything except Ice Cream which is what I use when I am sick to keep up with my needed fat intake. It is much easier then meats for me to try to digest.

Anyway I would love some impute.

For reference I have to eat a high calorie diet including almost 60% from carbs because of problems digesting proteins and fats it has taken me a while but my A1c is coming down finally. There is an upside though I have zero plague and my cholesterol looks like I have eaten salad my entire life :slight_smile:
Just wanted to explain before anyone got upset at the ice cream :stuck_out_tongue:

Be well and be loved you are each and everyone

Schwan’s has a really good low carb butter pecan ice cream. A little more expensive than their other brands, but tastes really good for a low carb treat. 15g total carbs in 1/4 cup. But also has 6g of fiber and 5g of sugar alcohol. 8g of fat. Really tastes good and, at least according to the way I was taught to count carbs, only 6.5 g of net carbs per serving. 15g total carbs - 6 g of fiber - 1/2 sugar alcohol 2.5 = 6.5.

Oh 8grams is much better I will try that. I can cover the carbs it is the fat that is killing me. 11-18grams is the average fat in normal ice cream for 1/4 cup but I can do 8g.
Thank you :slight_smile:
Be loved and be well

I take 1/3 of the insulin while eating 1/3 after im done and another 1/3 about 15-20 mins later. That method usually works for me when eating things lke pizza and ice cream :slight_smile:

Kathy do you take shots? Or do you do this with a pump?
and thank you for trying to help me
Be loved

Hi Dave :slight_smile: We are different I have no problem with pizza 50% now 50% over 2 hours but I know many who do have issues with it. I have so much problem with meats since I never know how much I am going to break down of it so I only eat about 2 oz at a time more then that really wrecks my BG for such a long time. It makes little sense to me cause fatty cheeses have no BG effect for me but Ice Cream does. I can eat cereal and cover it fine no spike same with rice and such these things I need so maybe practice makes perfect I don’t know. I have been sick a while and getting my fats is very hard right now. I am gonna try different dosage times like what you and Kathy posted and see what I can do. Kinds of sick of eating:P
Be well and be loved

Maybe it’s not just the ice cream that’s giving you fits. If you eat it mainly when your sick, it could be you illness contributing to the horrible control. I would experiment when you are feeling well, and then make adjustments to that when you are feeling sick. Just a thought.

Oh, and I take 30% up front and 70% over 3.5 hours on my pump. It works most of the time.


I’m with you. I’d rather have less of the real thing & avoid fake, chemical laden foods. I tried several things with sugar alcohols & spent the night in the bathroom. I got the message:)

Hi Mandy I should be more specific when I say sick I mean bad Cystic Fibrosis days I call them sick days. Bad digestion kind of like feeling like a normal person would if they had fasted a day or 2. Sometimes I don’t get much nutrition from my food so I am just kind of in bed finding easy things to eat with lots of calories. But that does not make your suggestion wrong I will try it under other circumstances. Thank you
Be loved

I also prefer real stuff like you and Arielle but at the same time there are things I put up with like certain diet sodas DDP, Diet pepsi and Diet 7 up since they do not use splenda which really hurt my tummy. I need the phosphorus from the dark ones and the sodium from the light one. But I am sure you all don’t need all my diet things I need to make sure I intake everyday.

I think the ice cream suggested is not so much chemical filled as much as the sugar is derived from fiber. For instance chicory root can be used to sweeten but all of it’s sugars are fiber source sugars but I am not sure how they digest for everyone…does that make sense?
Be well and be loved

Hi Laura,

My two nephews have CF, so know what you’re dealing with. CF & diabetes–so hard.

Can you handle protein powder shakes? I used whey isolate protein powder (unflavored, unsweetened) with unsweetened almond milk, added flavoring (vanilla extract, maple extract or cold decaf or peanut butter), stevia & some heavy cream. A lot of calories & easy to digest. Brought some pea protein powder because it’s less expensive, but it does taste a bit like peas, so needs more flavoring.

I eat ice cream frequently, but always buy the low fat. I don’t seem to have trouble with the carbos. I just always make sure I scoop it in a little dish so that I feel like I’m eating a lot, but usually just stick to an actual serving size, which is only 1/ 2 cup.

Wow my heart goes out to you that is so much for your brother or sister to handle as well as your entire family. I have tried protein shakes with about 12 grams but that is hard. But I will look at the ones you suggested as long as they do not get the protein from soy as I am allergic. I am good with regular sugar I can cover it, I have learned to do so cause of the simple carbs I eat.
Sometimes I can not avoid the post meal spikes but the alternative is not digesting and passing out from a low since I never know when that is going to happen. The only way I can control it is to eat small bits of protein and fats. Even Ice cream is only a few bites not a serving. A few almonds here and there and I am doing pretty good.

Are the protein shakes you speak of from eggs proteins? I can handle that protein chain pretty good. If you said that I may not have understood the correct term :slight_smile: When I was DXd as a baby with CF all they new was to put us in tents and we spent much time in bed I hope now the docs encourage your nephews to move as much as possible it helps mucus move out of the body. God be with them, they have much better chances at a full life now compared to the 60’s but that does not mean the road is easy.

Be loved and be well

I can try that too I just did not want to have to eat more to get enough fat. The carbs seem easy for me it is about 3-4 hours later I am stuck in a resistant high. I only eat about a 1/4 cup anyway just a few spoonfuls to give me something for fuel.
*little dish * :stuck_out_tongue: that’s cute
Be loved

Hi Laura,

I buy BREYERS carb smart Fudge bars sweetened with splenda. Only 3 grams of net carbs. They are very good.


Thanks Linda but I can’t eat Splenda or Stevia my stomach does not tolerate it well. It is a bit hard now since Splenda is so popular. I never though much of it until I started getting nausea after I would eat something sweetened with a sugar substitute. Ask my Internist (my main doc) and she had me keep a record of the sugar substitute. Sure enough those always came up as the ones right before I would feel sick. She said there both good but they both cause a bit more stomach upset in sensitive stomachs then the old stand by’s. I think most people handle them well though. So since what you said sounds so good I think everyone should rush out and get some :slight_smile:
Be well Linda and be loved

symlin has helped me greatly with my breakfast spikes. Have you given it a try?

It was bad because my first nephew went undiagnosed with CF for his first 1.5 years. Talk about incompetent doctors! When their second son was born, he was so sick that CF was diagnosed pretty quickly & they realized the first son had it as well. My nephews are now 26 & 28. Amazing strides have been made, but you know how it goes. Thank heavens you survived. My nephews are usually in the hospital for a major clean out at least once a year. My younger nephew recently had a feeding tube inserted because he can’t get enough nutrition from meals. He eats meals, but supplements liquid meals through his stint. It’s been helping a lot.

Whey isolate protein is made from milk, but you can check labels to make sure they don’t sneak any soy in in the form of lecithin. The isolate form is the best form of whey. There’s also hydrolyzed, which is cheaper. Pea protein is just from peas,of course:) I stay away from soy. Not allergic, but I have thyroid problems.

I’ve never tried the egg proteins. Whey is allegedly a very complete protein. It mixes well when making shakes. The brand I used was NOW. Have to use more flavoring with the pea protein, but it’s also good to use in soup.