Yummy and Healthy Berry Protein Shake!

I just prepared an experimental recipe that I wanted to share:

-1 Tofutti ice cream sandwich (19 gr. of carb, surprisingly little protein for being based on tofu)
-3/4 cup of frozen berries (approx. 19 gr. of carb)
-2 scoops of protein powder (approx. 28 gr. of protein, little carb)
-1/4 cup of milk
-1/2 cup of water

Stir up for a while in a good blender, kinda like the Magic Bullet and enjoy.

Approx. nutrition facts:
40 gr. of carb
30 gr. of protein
It is VERY satisfying AND it takes super! :slight_smile:

Any other recipes for healthy shakes you can share?

thank you

Is a tofutti ice cram sandwich like a regular ice cream sandwhich (choclocalte coolie outside and vanilla inside (I can’t do soy)


Not sure if anyone else has tried Walker Diet Low Carb shakes, but it’s my favorite meal substitute or snack. It’s only 7 grams of carbs per serving (well the shake says 1g net carbs, but I don’t trust those), 6 g of fiber and less than 1g sugar, but it tastes really good, not weird like splenda or diet drinks. Plus you can also put an egg into the mix and make crepes out of it. It’s awesome, just wanted to pass on a great low-carb find to those who may want something on the go that’s only “1g net carbs”.

Love the idea of making crepes from the Walker shake–great idea–thanks,

Here’s one-- very low carb.

Whey isolate protein powder–unflavored (1 g carb per scoop, 25 g protein per scoop, scoop is 1/3 cup)
1 cup unsweetened almond milk (2 carbs)
Optional: Splash whipping cream (virtually no carbs)
Stevia (bulk, not packets, bulk has zero carbs)

Add any flavoring you like:
cold decaf espresso (zero carbs)
vanilla extract (zero carbs)
sugar-free flavored syrups like DaVinci (zero carbs)
peanut butter (3 g carbs per tablespoon)

For 40 grams of carb why not just have a nice big scoop of ice cream?

Really. All that soy is thyrotoxic and that is a LOT of carbs for something that is supposed to be healthy.

I am inceasingly suspicious of foods not found in nature, which protein powder is a prime example of. Tofu has been linked with alzheimers and the soy not only is thyrotoxic, it promotes food allergies because of how the phthylates in it work on the gut.

I have had some serious problems after eating too much soy, which for me is not a lot. It is a hormone mimic, and for those of us who are homone sensitive, it can cause severe emotional mood swings.

People with diabetes should probably give soy a wide berth. The book, The Whole Soy Story by Dr. Kaayla Daniel really opened my eyes up to this problems with soy. Until I read it, I thought my problems were just me being weird. But I read other reports of soy poisoning on the web, and no longer eat it at all.

Sorry, it’s based on soy.


You are right about the carb count on this one, Jenny.

As for the soy… I will check out that book. I was unaware of soy being thyrotoxic. I just read the post on your site about the topic:

For anyone who prefers to avoid dairy products, pea protein powder is a good substitute for whey. I haven’t tried it to know if it tastes like peas:)

Jenny’s on-target about soy. It’s not the wonder food that it’s been promoted to be, even if it doesn’t cause allergic reactions. I’ve stayed away from soy products for years because thyroid problems are rampant in my family. Since being diagnosed, I now have thyroid issues. I tried soy milk years ago & it made me sick. I use a bit of tamari for flavoring every now & then. I wonder if fermented soy products like tamari, tempeh & miso are as allergic.

I like to use vanilla protein with skim milk and this stuff I found PB2

sometimes a squirt of sugar free chocolate syrup in it…like a reese cup


They have recipes on site too