Are Children of T1's Diabetic?

I have 3 biological children (aged 16 - 21) and none of them have yet shown any sign of Diabetes. What’s the status of other T1’s who have had children? Are they Diabetic or not?

I have one biological child–8 years old - no signs yet…but if he starts peeing alot…i have him pee on a keto-diastx to make sure there is no sugar—i havent gotten the nerve to poke him.
My other son is adopted, - 6 years old and i dont have the same worries with him… (of course I know, diabetes doesnt necessarily run in families)

Hi Ken:

It’s Great to hear that your Kids have no signs of Diabetes. Hopefully that will last throughout
their Lifetimes. It could Very Well.

My 2 older Brothers and I were dxd. at ages 4 and 3. My Older Brother didn’t want Kids but my
other Brother did. His 3 biological Kids and my 2 Kids are ages 28, 25, 24 22 and 13. My Brother
also has 2 GrandKids aged 6 and 4. Non of these Kids have any signs of Diabetes or anything
else. (kow) and Thank God. :slight_smile:

When I became pregnant wth my 1st Child(my Son), I met my first Endo. She said my child only
had a 3-4% chance of getting Diabetes. She said if I was a male Diabetic, my Kids would have a 7
or 8% chance of getting Diabetes. Very low numbers.

While doing some reading, I found those numbers she quoted are still in the proper range today.
There is some other criteria that may make it more likely. Like if I was dxd. before the age of 7,
I think, and other info. I forget what it is right now but if I run across it, I will post it.

I did my Best not to worry about them getting it. It wouldn’t have helped me or them. I did watch for signs
and tested them occasionally. They didn’t mind since they knew it made me feel better. I still test them
occasionally cuz I’m their Mom. ;O)

I have 1 daughter who is a Type 1 and another that has never shownen any signs of having that problem. My Type 1 daughter is now 19 and has a daughter of her own that turned 1 last Saturday and is expecting another in March. I think it’s just the luck of the draw on who gets it or not.

I have 2 children: a daughter who has just turned 20 and a son of almost 17 neither show any signs of getting Diabetes…fingers crossed!

I have a son with type 1 , he was dx about 1 year or so after me .