If you and/or your spouse are a T1 or LADA, are your kids diabetic, too?

This is a question that has been bothering me…did I make a mistake in going ahead with getting kids when I knew I was LADA? Did I predispose them to a T1 or LADA life? How likely is it that parent(s) who have T1 or LADA end up with their kids also getting T1 or LADA?

I would be very grateful to hear from you - how many kids do you have? Any diagnosed yet with T1 or LADA?

I’ll go first - I have 2 kids who are normal, so far.

I was diagnosed during my first pregnancy… but none of my 3 kids (ranging in age from almost 3 to 9) have diabetes.

I personally don’t worry so much about D. My family has a strong history of heart disease as well as cancer, and I worry about those much more.

Just to be sure, I’ve been aggressive about making sure they get adequate sunshine on their skin everyday…and get some vitamin D supplements, too.

I guess I’ll be less stressed only when a real cure has been found for this disease.

There are a lot of studies that show that the farther away you are from the equator, the higher the incidence of Type-1 diabetes. It correlates with low sunshine during winter and subsequently, low vitamin D levels. And a lot of Type-1 diagnoses occur soon after or during late winter.

Enough to say that if you have low vitamin D levels, you could get autoimmune type-1 diabetes.

I’ve been type 1 for 13 years. I have 3 children, ages 11, 8 and 5. Daily I want for the other shoe to drop, but so far, knock wood, no diabetes in my children. They have tested negative for the antibodies. I am the only person in my family, on both sides back 3 “cousins” with diabetes. So i feel like I’m a fluke and my kids will be spared. I would never have made a different decisions when it came to having children. All the joy and frustration they bring into my life has been worth it.

Considering they only have a 4% or less chance of developing the disease, I’ll take those odds. Its not the end of the world by any means, but I hope my children never need to live with this disease.

Well, I am a type 1 since I was 13 and now I have 3 children: 14/girl, 12/girl, and 5/boy. None of them have diabetes or any signs. However my sister has type1 as well…I had my daughters checked for some islet test a long time ago, but I don’t think that was ever really accepted as to whether they could get diabetes.

I am Type 1 (diagnosed at 28). I have two children who are young and I worry about this. I had my oldest before I was diagnosed and had my youngest knowing that the chances of them getting the diseased ranged from 0.5% to 3% of getting the disease. I am guilt ridden every time I see my endo at the Diabetes center where I see children with it.

My father is Type 1…diagnosed at age 33. I am the last of 10 children (9 living). No one else has T1. But our family is genetically cursed with T2 also. My mother, a sister, brother, and Aunt (all blood relatives) have T2.

So considering how big my family is and the fact that I was the only one with T1, I’d say we were pretty fortunate.

I have heard that kids who have dairy at a very young age have proven to have a higher rate of diabetes. I personally believe diabetes is almost completely caused and potentially cured by the diet we follow. Having said that, I can’t seem to get myself to eat correctly but…

I don’t know of the stats for families with LADA but there we have some stats for Type 1 and Type 2 in our stats document - see page 8 of http://www.diabetes.org.uk/Documents/Reports/DiabetesintheUK2009_Dec-09.pdf

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I was diagnosed when my kids were 7 and 2, so they are at risk but still anyone can get it, so I am just keeping a check on them anyway. Anytime they dont feel right they want me check thier sugar, they have always been fine, Thank God

Type 1 diabetes On average: • if a mother has the condition, the risk of developing it is about 2 per cent • If a father has the condition, the risk of developing it is about 8 per cent • if both parents have the condition, the risk of developing it is up to 30 per cent • if a brother or sister develops the condition, the risk of developing it is 10 per cent (rising to 15 per cent for a non-identical twin and 40 per cent for an identical twin).

This is from page 8 of the pdf you linked to. My wife recently was diagnosed as LADA because her gestational diabetes was not going away and subsequent tests for antibodies was positive. I don’t have a good feeling about my kids’ chances now… 30% chance is quite high.

John, I am T1 as well but have never had kids. That being said, for what it’s worth, in this crazy world anything can happen. I bet you are great father; it shows because you’re concerned about them. If a child of yours becomes D, who better to help them manage than an “expert”. Take care, Buddy.

This question has been at the top of my mind since my diagnosis when my second child was 2 months old (I was 31 - 11 years ago), today I have a 12 year old and a 10 year old - with no signs. I remember panicking every time my child asked for a second drink - not so much now. I wonder if my LADA is viral related since I can clearly link my presentation of the disease with being sick.

So far it sounds like most of the T1’s and LADA’s have been blessed by there children not having diabetes. I am unfortunate in that my son is also a T1. My son, whom is 16, and I were diagnosed approximately 6 months apart from each other. I was diagnosed T2 almost 4 years ago only to find out that I was actually LADA (generating antibodies for GAD65, IsletAB). My son is generating the exact same antiobodies as myself but because of being 16 they classify him as a true T1 whereas myself being LADA (same thing except different ages)

Now is this a curse or a blessing? I have thought about this many nights only to realize what a blessing it is. As a parent you want the best for you children and if this is walk that he must take then I want to be there with him to walk together. I want to be empathetic to his needs and to understand the challenges he will have to endure. With this all said I have 3 children (1 16 year old boy and twin 5 year old girls). I pray that the girls do not come down with this disease that they can go on and become happy and worry free. I have prayed many nights for the Lord to pass this disease to me and let me endure and face the challenges. So this continues to be my personal prayer.

I was diagnosed when my kids were 4 and 7. My boys are now almost 14 and 17, and show no signs of it! Their pediatrician checks them regularly. My brother is also type 1, and our mother’s cousin was diagnosed at age 3 and died at 30 from renal failure, so we have a scary hereditary component. Even if I had been diagnosed before kids, I would have ABSOLUTELY had kids anyway! There are so many worse things you could pass on to your kids than diabetes!

So far, my pre-teen son is A-OK. But I have always encouraged him to be comfortable with blood glucose tests and to know about nutrition. If he ever has to start counting carbs, for example, he’ll have a good start.

John, keep in mind that those statistics exclude LADAs, which of course are just Type 1s at an older age. So unfortunately the risks are higher if you appropriately include LADAs in the stats. All that said, so many unpredictable things can happen in life. I am sure you are a great dad and your children are lucky! And finally, you really can live a good life with Type 1. Yes, I know from my own experience it is a difficult burden, but you can live well.

my husband is type 1. our son was diagnosed last year (he’s 5). my husband has an older daughter and so far she has not had any signs. with our son we were able to catch it before he got really sick. in a way it can be a blessing to know what to look out for and catch it early. there are so many children who are diagnosed when they are really sick as the family knew nothing about diabetes and figured their child just had the flu or whatever at first. having no type 1 in the family doesn’t mean a child can’t get type 1 anymore than having a type 1 parent means they will get it.

T1 36 years, have two daughters, 36 and 30 and T2 runs on their fathers side. Neither girl with any indication of Diabetes. 30 yr old just had a baby and no sign during pregnancy. I’ve never worried about it. My family has a tendency for autoimmune diseases which could manifest itself in many forms including T1. They take care of themselves (triathlons) and I would hope that that will fend off T2. I worry more about them riding or driving a car!

Obviously no one ever wants their Kids to be dxd. with Diabetes or any other diseases but sometimes it just seems it is the hand we are dealt. An array of sometimes ancestry and other triggers set our path.

Neither of my Parents, none of our Grandparents or anyone we knew had Diabetes but yet my 2 Brothers and I ended up with it at a very young age but not my Sister thankfully.

Not my Kids, nor my Brothers Kids, nor his Grandchildren have Diabetes. (Thank God/Touch wood).

Best Wishes to yours and all of ours. :slight_smile: