Does Anyone Else Have 2 Kids With T1?

I have 2 kids with T1. There is no history of it in any family. Not sure how this happened. My little toddler was diagnosed just 3 months ago - that was my 2nd child. I’m scared my last remaining non-diabetic child will get it too. Anyone else?

Umm I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I and my sister are twins and both have type 1. there are others on here who have two children who have it and I am sure they will pop in soon.

Oh wow. One of my twins has it so far. Then the toddler. The other twin is scared to death she is next now. How far apart were you and your twin with your diagnosis?

No(TW), but my Parents had 3(1 of the Twins got it) and one of my 1st Cousins has 3 Type 1’s.

My son and daughter were both diagnosed in their teens. There seem to be more and more siblings being diagnosed these days from what I read on the CWD boards. There are some that have 3 diagnosed. I feel lucky that my kids were older, but it is never easy.

We were about a yr apart in DX. it was scary for my sister as well she was worried the whole time but the doctors kept her under watchful eye and caught it very early before any DKA or major high could set in. you might want to look into trial net they do studies on the non D siblings watching them for antibodies and what not the see what triggers the body’s auto immune response.

You have a cousin that has 3 T1 kids? That’s incredible! I have heard of a woman in California with 3 boys with T1. Is that her? Are they still young?

Still devastating to have them both diagnosed. :frowning: Was there any diabetes in the family? There wasn’t any in mine. In fact, the toddler is a half sibling. I’m the common link and there is no explanation. No autoimmune diseases, nothing that I can think of.

Hi, My last D child doesn’t want to know. She knows we will catch it right away as we did with my toddler. In fact, the toddler is only a half sibling and it was most unexpected. She was supposed to be in the trial net study as a half sibling but at the last minute I declined. I decided I didnt want to know if my baby was at risk. I told them I would catch it in time. I know science wants the information but it’s hard to try to live with the knowledge that the big D is coming.

I’m a twin and my twin doesn’t have it,she had G diabetes when Pregnant with her boys. But thats it…

My brother and I both have it, however there is no D in the family at all. I was diagnosed at 12 and him at 18 and we are 1.5 years apart.

However, I have many D friends with siblings that are not diabetic. I am the only one with a sibling that does. From what I’ve heard from my doctors over the years, is that it is very rare for both kids to get it (T1). I would gather we both were pre-disposed and some flu/chicken pox/mono/whatever happened that kick-started the D.

I’m sorry that your Children were dxd. Deadislets. No, my Cousin is not in California. She is here in Canada. The youngest Boy is 16 y/o. She decided not to have any more Children. My Parents and Relatives didn’t know of anyone with Diabetes in our Family either until my Brothers and I were dxd. Perhaps back then they died without being dxd.

Although still scary and frustrating sometimes, Life with Diabetes is much clearer and Better today for PWD than it used to be. Hopefully, there will be a cure for your little Ones. I wish you and your Children all the Best. :slight_smile:

Of three kids, 2 ended up with T1 (13 & 16). I’m also a T1, bringing the toal in the family to 3! Go figure! bob

I am one of 4 kids and the only one in my family with T1… there is not a strong family history of T2 either, so I’m very much alone - at present I am the “only” diabetic in my living family. I worry about my siblings as much as I worry about my 3 kids.


TrialNet can determine your daughter is at risk years before the onset. If she is positive for the antibodies, there are prevention studies currently enrolling as well as being closely monitored by professionals. Checking for blood sugar is far too late in the disease process to have these options available. If you’d like more information, please let me know!

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I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. I think all of us dread those tests when it comes to the ones we love.

My brother is on the verge of diabetes, but they are thinking it might be Type 2. It seems that his pancreas is over-producing insulin, causing his BG to drop after any kind of sugary meal. It seems to me that over-production would cause his pancreas to quit at some point, so I would guess LADA Type 1. But, we’ll see what happens. They are watching him closely.

I knew a Type 1 who was caught so early in the diagnosis that she entered into a human trial and was cured of it. It had something to do with preserving her remaining islet cells that hadn’t died off yet. Last I heard (this was 10 years ago) she hadn’t taken any medications whatsoever for 5 years. Don’t know if she’s had to start back on insulin since.

I WISH that I had known about the trials when I was diagnosed, but we were all so clueless as I’m the first Type 1 in the entire family. By the time I learned of the cure trials, I was too far along in the diagnosis and I missed my slot for the “cure”. I was spitting mad. I could have definitely used 5 extra years of freedom, even if the “cure” ended up failing in the long run.

I’m now 6 months pregnant and hoping with everything that I’ve got that she will be safe from it.

congrats Marps!

I do the same. I have 2 brothers and a sister. I monitor my older brother the most because he seems to be the one who won’t be able to handle it the most, if that day ever comes. Only one T2 diagnosed at an advanced age. I’m the only T1. I cry every time my siblings say something blase about diabetes because if there was ANYTHING I couldnt have done to prevent this, I would have. I hope they understand and I hope that I’ve educated them enough to know the symptoms and listen to their bodies. My sister has a 2 year old son and I remind her once in a while that when he has a check-up, they should check him for T1 because his auntie (me) has it. I hope this disease begins and ENDS with me.

I was diagnosed with T1 at age 44. I have two kids with T1. One diagnosed at age 13 and the other at age 16. I had ZERO diabetes in my family! Go figure!

Me and my younger brother have type 1. He was diagnosed about 5 years ago. I was just diagnosed last month. We are the only members on either side who have it.