Are Infrared Saunas Good for Diabetics?

I wear my pump in a bathtub! (Normal bathtub, not hot tub / spa

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Robyn, thanks for imparting your knowledge and science. I think my body just took a while to get used to the sauna. No more high bg. I am using it with my pump on, 110 degrees for 30 minutes and also without a pump, 130 degrees for 30 minutes. I’ll find out soon from my vascular surgeon if he thinks it helps blood flow to my toes and if it is cumulative or just while in the sauna. Whatever, I’ve bought it and will enjoy it regardless of whether it improves blood circulation.

I’ve tried wearing it in the tub and shower but I put it in a small zip lock bag and try to keep it above the water (bath) or taped to my body (shower). Do you just let it submerge? I know some pumps are supposed to be waterproof but I never trusted that.

I’m pretty comfortable if it gets damp or rained on.

Actually, I go stand up paddle boarding with it in my swimsuit pocket and I’ve been known to fall off so I guess I’ll put in a claim if it gets wet and stops working. (Not a problem yet).

I think I accidentally dropped it into the tub once and didn’t notice any bad consequences. But I set it on the edge of the tub, connected to me still, if I’m in the bath. I do remove for showering or swimming. Or hot tubbing. Or saunas. Or rolling in the snow!

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