Hot tubs and diabetics?

I’ve heard that diabetics shouldn’t go in hot tubs and was wondering if thats true and if it is what are the reasons or why do they say not to? My family might be going on a trip and if our cabin has a hot tub I was wanting know more about it. Thanks everyone!!

Because the heat and pulsing water cause the blood circulation to increase along with heart rate. This causes or can cause lowering of blood sugar which could be dangerous in a hot tub. Potential for trouble. I would tend to just be prepared and to have a sugar full pop like Pepsi or Coke or an apple juice right by your side at the edge of the hot tub. If anyone tells me not to that means I have to try it. Beware of limitations put on by others but at the same time be safe and sane. Everything in moderation - even hot tubs ;).

New info never cease to amaze me, LOL. Ive always loved hot tubs and jacuzzis. I never knew it affects blood sugar level. I guess this is also true for saunas? Thanks for the info Phil :slight_smile: Maybe I can research more on this.

I had no idea. My boyfriend has been in my hot tub with me on multiple occasions and never had that problem, however, he eats all the time, so getting out frequently for our “second dinner” as he calls it was totally common. Thanks for the new info, I will pass that on

Thanks Phil :slight_smile: Thats what I say too, if you know there’s a chance of it making you go low just be prepared :slight_smile:

True that diabetics shouldn’t go in them or true that you just need to be prepared?

If I couldn’t go barefoot and couldn’t go into hot tubs, my life wouldn’t be worth living…lol. To say diabetics “shouldn’t (ever) be doing this or that” seems to be mandating what is right for everyone. Just like our diets vary greatly, I think our other choices run the gamut.

My opinion is the same as a few people said, just be aware and test. (or examine your feet). I think diabetes is like life, we all measure the risk of certain behaviors, take precautions and then live our lives how we are comfortable. Some people (especially women my age and older) barely leave their homes because they are scared of crime. Some people wander around at 2AM drunk and acting like fools in the streets, saying “hey, come rob me”. We all find a place (hopefully in between those two extremes) where we are comfortable with both our quality of life and degree of risk.

Thanks!!! I love hearing from people like you that I can afree with!!!

I still use hot tubs AND go barefoot. BUT I also take precautions. My meter is always nearby, as well as glucose tablets and a friend. I wash and inspect my feet every day. I pay close attention to any cuts and treat them right away. I haven’t worn “real” shoes (do flip flops count?) since summer started. No issues.
I really don’t like to be limited by my disease. I know that the hot tub and/ or suana does not effect my BG much. I know this because I’ve tried them both. For me, the sauna is really beneficial to my health in alot of ways. And that, for me, outweighs the risk involved. Just limit the amount of time you spend using them Don’t sit in there for hours.
And know that the way your body reacts to things can change over time, so never let your guard up. Don’t drink alcohol while using them. Don’t use them after a large bolus. Take the necessary precautions, maybe warn the people around you of what could happen and then try it. Test often and you should be fine.

Thanks Amanda! I really agree with you :slight_smile: Being careful and being with people wouldn’t be a prob as my family would be there and they make sure I’m ok if we’re doing something unsaul.

Please don’t think that I laugh off warnings about things like that. I go barefoot very little and check my feet well most times when I wash them. I don’t think I’m careless or have the ‘it won’t happen to me’ attiutude.

Yeah I beleive that. I’m not saying I don’t ever go in the yard a for min barefoot and I’m around the house barefoot alot but I don’t really think that counts. As far as any time outside its very limited.

I guess so! I’m a BIG fan of Crocs and wear both the Athens flip flop and the Cayman clog. LOVE them both and live in them! I have a lot less achy feet when I wear either one of them over other shoes.

Thats too bad. Good luck with clothes and shoe shopping!

It may not be wise to go barefoot, (there are a LOT of things that it is not “wise” to do, especially as a diabetic.) and I do not take the consequenses lightly. I do not take my shoes off out of defiance, to be “macho” or because I don’t like rules. I sometimes just really like to be barefoot, especially in summertime when regular shoes will just make me sweat. I’m not saying that I am constantly barefoot. I wear sandals and I sometimes take them off. I definitely don’t consider amputation a laughing matter.
I have no nerve damage and can definitely feel anything wrong with my feet. I wash them and look them over every day in the shower. I am very mindful of my feet. Also (and I could very much be wrong here, correct me if I am) I have never heard of a healthy/ in control diabetic losing a foot because of going barefoot. To my understanding, that happens when there is no control, nerve damage or just negligence on the part of the diabetic. Regular inspection is very important. I know that nerve damage can appear at any time. I have my feet tested.
I have hurt my feet walking from my bedroom to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I do not put shoes on my feet every time I am standing on them and I don’t feel that I have to. I can hurt myself doing, quite literally, anything. I’m very talented in the art. :o). My point being that while the consequences/ complications of diabetes are real and scary, I do not want them to keep me from living my life or doing things I enjoy. And I believe that if I am careful and take good care of myself / the necessary precautions, I can let my little piggies breathe sometimes.

Plus it is better to develop good habits now, rather than to suddenly realize there are problems with our feet, and we have to be extra careful at that point…

Also, I believe it was Dr. Bernstein that said that our feet can get to the point that the skin doesn’t recover well from the heat of a bath. The skin temperature protection mechanisms are damaged or something. I go barefoot too, but baths make me nervous! It is a healing issue too.

I get a scratch on my arm, it goes away quickly. If I nick my ankle, it seems to take longer to heal. My endo says my feet are perfectly fine!

"You aren’t equating protecting your feet as somehow hampering your ability to live are you? :)"
lol, no that’s not really what I meant. What I did mean is that going barefoot is something that I enjoy.

"but it IS important that DIABETICS pay far more attention to potential injury to their feet then non-diabetics"
I completely agree. I feel that I take very good care of my feet and pay close attention to them. I wouldn’t ever recommend going barefoot and being lax about foot care. (Or being lax about foot care, period.) I don’t even recommend that fellow diabetics run around barefoot. I agree that it’s maybe not the smartest/best choice to go barefoot, but I still choose to at times. It works for me. I feel I draw my own lines on just how much I’m willing to “wrap myself in soft pillows”. Jessica makes a really good point about developing good habits before something happens and you then have to change your behavior. Food for thought.

I don’t like misinterpretation either. And I don’t mind batting ideas back and forth. Debate can be healthy.
funny thing is that I hurt myself worse and more often in other areas as opposed to my feet. (I have broken my own elbow by shutting it in the car door -get this- with the SAME arm that broke. …don’t ask me how I accomplished that.) I also hurt my feet worse/more often being inside and barefoot than I do outside.