Omnipod Hot Bath uh-oh!

So last night I was having crazy bad low back pain and took a hot bath (not a "hot tub" just a hot bath). The pod was on my upper arm and for most of the time it sort of was half-way submerged.

My blood sugar level was great all night long, and I had some sugar this morning and everything was fine.

Now that I'm awake, I realize I might have "cooked" my insulin. If everything is going fine, do you think it's safe to keep using this pod? I've been rocking a BG of 80-90 since the bath last night.

I don't think there is any danger in having bad insulin in your pod other than the "it just won't work and you might as well have saline in your pod scenario". Sounds like your numbers are great! Hmmm, maybe I should "cook" my insulin tonight! LOL

Do not worry. I use the pod in the sauna and hot tub. I never had a problem.
Keep using it and check your BG.

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I agree with the others, dont stress over it, if your numbers look good than you are fine. Ive taken many hot baths and saunas and never had an issue.

If you had “cooked the insulin” your blood sugars would be rising very sharply. If they aren’t, you probably haven’t… Unless hot baths also cure diabetes.

The other thing is that the temperature & duration of your bath probably weren’t high enough to damage the insulin. If you were comfortable, your insulin would probably be ok. At bath temperatures, insulin would survive for days. It survives for weeks at room temperature.

I know, right? Such good BS are NOT the norm for me. Maybe a little heat gets my novolog working better! ;)

Let's go with the "hot baths cure diabetes." ;)

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Yes, I'm going to run a hot bath and sit in it all day at work! I can see it now I'm going to invent a hot tub office chair for T1D! LOL, all joking aside this is right if your sugars were good your insulin is good.

Maybe the heat opened up your capillaries in the surrounding area increasing absorption for awhile? Just a thought.

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I "cook" my isulin every day in the tub. I put my pods on my lower back/hip area and I only take baths. Never had a problem!!

I've heard in the past that hot tubs (or hot baths) can lower blood sugar, sometimes dangerously. So, I've been warned to stay away from hot tubs in general, though usually try to sneak in whenever I get a chance :P Probably why your BGs were good, as you might have lowered them from what you would have been otherwise.

I take hot baths all the time, it is fine, don`t worry! I also use it in my hot tub.

Like everyone else I've not seen problems with insulin breakdown. Insulin has to be fairly stable at 100F because that's the temperature (approx.) of our bodies and in non-diabetics insulin has to get from our gut (where it's first produced by the breakdown of a more complex chemical) everywhere in the body. That takes time and all that time it is at 98.4F or considerably higher for someone with a fever.

What does happen with me, however, is that my insulin adsorption characteristics change considerably in the summer, when my skin is warmer. It acts faster and wears off faster but it also seems more effective. This might be what you saw.