Are OmniPod pod alarms as random as everyone says?


I’ve never had a screamer in 18 months of use. No need to take off a suit if you use your abdomen and not arms or legs. Takes 3-4 mins to change a pod. So simple. I usually let it go until the 8 the change window expires and both the pod and PDM will alarm until you acknowledge the alarm with the PDM. It’s a medical device and all work places should accommodate. That being said however, I get your concern about interrupting work. I’m retired now so no workplace worries for me now. Odds are small that you would have an alarm at a bad time but it’s possible. My coworkers knew I was diabetic because I had terrible control in my last work years. Was not on a pump then but should have been. The pods are so easy to change and travel with. I disliked the idea of tubing from the get go so I am biased. :sunglasses:


I really love how easy they are to change. Thought it would bother me to have to do it so often (and I use the 8 hours too), but it is no big deal. I truly understand now why people like the pods!


I have used the tslim and the omnipod, my only complaints about the omnipod is the lack of CGM integration and the capacity of the omnipod.


FWIW, if you currently have a Medtronic pump in warranty, Omnipod has a competitive upgrade program where they give you the PDM free PLUS a box of 10 pods to try out. If you like them, then you order more supplies. If you don’t then you go back to what you had. I had a 630G and absolutely LOVE the Omnipod. I’ve been on it for about 2 months and have had maybe 1 or 2 screamers at home. I love how it is all self contained and less paraphernalia to carry around with you. Give it a try if you can!


I agree! So glad I did the free trial. They work so much better for me than infusion sets. The only pod I had to turn off by inserting a pen in the back, resulted from skipping the deactivate step. Otherwise, no problems.