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Elaine Peterson - I have noticed higher #'s during grace period of even just a couple hours and definitely have higher #'s after pod change. I try to change around 9 pm in order to do the dreaded "Check your BS 1 1/2 hours after change". Think its another glitch!!

I haven't noticed anything that seemed specific to the 72-80 hour period. I have noticed unexpected highs some time after I changed to a new pod - not the *initial* high problem, rather unpredictably my blood sugar would seem higher than I expected. It may just be that I'm getting more sensitive, after a couple of years, to the much better control I have with the Omnipod.

So I have been on the Omnipod since Aug 10 this year and I never had any issues or failures etc... today while out and about the alarm on my pod went off. did not know it was me at first just an annoying ringing in my ear. LOL. The pod deactivated itself, I have no idea why, I had another day before it was to be changed. showed a code error but that was about it. Does anyone know how to get a working pod? to replace this one as I have never needed to before and at $30 dollars a pop. ouch. I am in Ontario Canada

Thanks in Advance


Phone the failure in to Insulet. They will ask you to read out the code in the PDM (it is stored in the alarm history). Insulet will mail you a replacement pod.

they also need the serial number off the pod itself, do not throw it out

Thanks HPNpilot and Clare.

dishers, you also might need to send in the failed pod, so don't toss it even after you've reported it. When they send the replacement pod, they also send a bag/box for you to mail back the failed pod. I'm not sure if this will be the same for you since you're in Canada, though.

Thanks Melanie

2 pod failures today. One while I was out walking my dog in the morning and one while I was bolusing. Both said insulin delivery stopped - as opposed to occlusion. I hope the rest of this box doesn't continue to stink - I have 2 more boxes from the same lot ! I called Insulet they're replacing the 2 that failed and I will return them for evaluation. It sucks though, I'm running out of real estate.

I think this must be an ongoing issue with omnipod. It has happened twice with my daughter 's . When I called omnipod for the first one the rep said is this an issue with the pod failing during a Bolus. Strange thing for her to prompt me with after saying I was reporting a pod failure unless it is being reported fairly regularly to the reps. Our failures were from lot numbers 40636 and 40370 in case there is any commonality.

This was from lot 40537 but it is the first time I have had a failure in about 5 months so I'm not overly stressed about it, just pissed off at having to stop a pod in what as a comfortable spot.

My daughter has had 6 pod failures in the last few weeks. We are new to pumping and had the pod for 1 1/2 months. Does anyone think the pod failures have anything to do with drawing up the insulin? Sometimes we can’t get all the bubbles out. Or something else we might be doing wrong?

It is very difficult to get all the bubbles out with the new syringes. THe old design was better in this regard.

The main issue I have seen with failures and filling is filling over 200 units. When I stopped filling the syringe to the limit, the failures on priming went away.

Does anyone here have issues with bg’s spiking after pod changes? My daughter, who is four, used to spike greatly after pod changes but I was told by her educator to run temp basal at 20% after pod changes for two hours to stop the spike. The educator told me it was because her insulin needs are so small in comparison to an adults that it takes longer for the new site to absorb the insulin properly. On another FB site I belong to, I have read some adults posting about spiking after pod changes, so now I am wondering if this small amount of insulin because she is a kid and needing to run a temp basal increase is just a load of BS and everyone somewhat spikes after pod changes.

it happens frequently. too frequently. & it
has nothing to do with being a kid.

My first box of the new pods went very well! BUT, after that, I’ve had more pod failures in one month than I ever had in 4 1/2 years with the old pods! I still love the pods, but my confidence level has gone down some!

PS…Insulet wants the failed pods…
They send another pod and request you send the pod back with the return packaging.
I have also had 2 PDM failures! The keep that info as well.

I keep a basil program in my PDM specifically for change days... it is Double my usual basil. I have not had a problem with it (No hypoglycemic reactions, etc.)