Are sugar free diabetic snacks good when our Blood Glucose is high

I bought these snacks at the pharmacy or drug store as they say in america :)

Glucerna Bars and Russel Stover chocolat snacks that contain no sugar.
But they do contain Carbs.

So is it worth eating them if our BG is high and we are hungry?

I don't eat when BG is high & wait until it comes down into range from correcting. Carbs aren't going to help:)

Be cautious with sugar-free products that contain sugar alcohols, sorbitol, malitol, xylitol, because some people can metabolize them as sugar. I can & have had huge spikes. Others experience gastric distress from sugar alcohols.


No, I'd stay away from them as well too when your BG is high. Esp if you do not know how you will react to the sugar alcholos that are in them. Me it varies somedays I can eat stuff like that with no problems, and other days they will spike me really bad.

It's really irrelevant whether there's sugar in it, it's the total carbs that matter. So, no. A big glass of water, some celery, a hunk of chicken maybe, and I'm fine. I usually wait till my BG is down though except for the water.

Nope. If you're high, don't eat. Sugar-free stuff is the worst. It actually makes me go just about as high as actual candy because of the sugar alcohols. Few people get that concept, and never understand why I decline sugar-free candy. Heck, I'd rather just eat the real thing and bolus accordingly.

I agree, I've found I do better eating about 4 of those hersey nuggets for 20 grams of carbs versus the atkin's for 17 grams. I'm flakey lol there's no rhyme or reason if I'm going to spike or not with the sugar alcohols.

I agree with everyone else that you shouldn't eat carbs when high. If you're really hungry you might have a slice of cheese of handful of almonds.


I was just in Walmart, complaining because all they had in the "diabetic" department, foodwise, was genuine fake sweet stuff. Does everyone think diabetics need fake candy, fake cookies, and all that doo doo? RiteAid is even worse, now that they have "groceries." I just get the smallest package of plain almonds I can find if I'm hungry, but if my BG is high the last thing I want to do is eat more food.

Like the other posters, I don't eat when I'm high. Eating carbs is only going to make me go higher and prolong the time it takes to feel better. This is one of those things learned from experience when you're trying to get control of your blood sugar. When I'm high, my one and only goal is to come down and stay there. Then I eat.

But beware that some medical professionals will steer you otherwise and I would urge you to listen to the experienced folks here. A while back, when I told my dietician that I hadn't been eating breakfast because I was waking up high in the mornings, her response was "Why not? You're just going to cover it with insulin anyway." So obviously she's not living with this disease and hasn't tried out her own advice.

I think too like so many things with D all of us vary. I can be high on occassion, say 260...the other morning cause I ate late at night, which I'm finding out doesn't work so good for me. BUT I mean I dont have time in the morning to wait around all day for my BG to come back down too.I HAVE to be to work by 8 AM, and for me I usually once I get that correction in, respond pretty fast. Whie I wouldnt eat a carb heavy meal. I'd still eat and yes cover it with whatever correction dose and carb coverage is needed. By lunch time I'll be low 100's @ the highest to 80-90 range. I'd avoid the sugar free stuff, cause those sugar alcohols can sometimes be pretty wicked, but for myself, I'd correct and eat, maybe not as much carbs as I usually do, and dose for what I ate. It's all about what works best for you.

AW! Big Pharmas NEED their PROFITS!
When BG is HIGH, I take insulin and bring it DOWN so it will land at 100.
THEN, I can eat.
BUT I SURE wouldn't eat THAT.
There's so many unprocessed, fresh foods that can give me carbs when I want them.
NO, is my simple answer. The precedent was only my thinking. I have had a lot of years of anger about what society lets companies get away with advertising. And notice that no one advertises that it's CARBS we are needing to take insulin for, not just sugar.

Well you're lucky then, Christy! Jealous! :) If I was 260 in the morning and ate anything with carbs I'd be in the 300 club until lunchtime. I've developed a wicked dawn phenomenon in the mornings and I'm constantly having to tweak my pump settings because of it. Most of the time all I can handle in the mornings without going up is eggs and 5g carb for my coffee. Since I've been on my pump, I haven't been above 200 but if I'm above 180, I'll skip the coffee even.

lol. i see this phrase as a variation of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" that i like.


Interesting posts, thanks for answering.
Now my other question is, if a snack has 30g of carbs and 10g of sugar in it, do you need to bolus like it was a 40g of carbs or do you just ignore the sugar?

Are we allowed to have foods with low sugar in them or do we have to avoid sugar at all cost?

I know that we need a certain amount of sugar for our brain to function properly.
Is starving our body from sugar completely a dangerous thing to do?

Bolus for the total amount of carbs, which in the case you're stating is 30 carbs.

Our brains & bodies need glucose, not sugar. If you never ate sugar, you wouldn't be starved:) Carbs are quickly converted into glucose. About 58% of protein is also converted to glucose (gluconeogenesis) at a slower rate & a small percentage of fat is also converted to glucose.

Further to that, you can subtract the fibre content. If I eat a package of oatmeal with 33 grams of carbs, I can subtract the 4 grams of fibre, so it's only 29 carbs.

My overnight basal's are just CRAZY. I woke up around 147 AM and felt a little low...and was 51, had like 5 of those little jelly belly size jelly beans, and woke up this morning 200 something. I'm trying to tweak but I either run high or run low depending on which way I go. I wish I could make my pump settings even less that .25 increments. Oh well lol. Life is def much better ON the pump.

I wouldn’t eat any type of carb when im high. drink water and get your blood sugar down first

I wish i could just drink water, but i get so hungry sometimes i have to eat.

I always had a big appetite, it's not easy after 39 years of eating like a bear and now i have to eat like a rabbit.

But i tried the almonds and cheese snack and it works, satisfies my hunger for a few minutes...

I need to find filling snacks.

thanks for the tip Felicia.