What's your guilty pleasure?

When your BG goes low, you may have a glass of orange juice, or some glucose tabs, but is there something you really, really like to grab because you can't usually have it?

For me it's a Skor bar, or Cadbury's Dairy Milk. What's yours? I'm guessing I'm not the only one with a guilty pleasure.

To be honest, no. I find that glucose tablets best raise the blood sugar quickly and predictably which is my goal when low.If you eat things with fat as well as carbs it can slow the rise in BG which can be dangerous. Also, there are always posts on here from people that over-treat when low (usually with "yummy" things) and then go high and that roller coaster is worse for us than the original low. I think it's simpler and safer to just eat those yummy things you like occasionally and bolus accordingly. (if not always with predictable outcome)

I consider lows a medical situation and glucose tablets my medical treatment.

Understood, Eucritta!

Twizzlers, for sure. But...........I always eat too many so don't keep them around.

Food :-)