Are there any alarms on the Medtronic 670 that cannot be silenced

i posted a similar question on the tslim yesterday as I found out in some reviews that there are certain alarms that cannot be silenced (as in you set to vibrate and it still beeps audibly).

This may be a show stopper for me in going on the tslim as I want to be discreet with my diabetes.

I want to check with people who are on the 670G pump whether they know of any alarms that can’t be silenced. I’m using the 640 at the moment and all alarms can be set to vibrate… except the filling the canulla process and changing the battery (not the low battery warning but actually changing the battery). I hope they haven’t changed anything in the upgrade to 670G.

I never allow the battery to alarm, I change it way before the alarm would sound. The same is true with low insulin.

so what else might not be able to be silenced? Well the low alarm cannot be silenced. It is 60 on mine. Other than that I think you silence all alarms but you definitive have to do it every 24 hours at least. There is no automatic universal alarm off that I am aware of.

Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

Thanks, how about occlusions? Currently in the 640 it vibrates for me which is what I prefer. Does it beep on the 670 even when it’s on vibrate only mode?

@tedos, I worked in EMS on the streets for 15 years before moving to inside health care employment.

  1. You do not want to be discrete with your diabetes. If you crash and someone calls EMS, you do not want EMS to waste time figuring out if you are a)narcotics over dose, b) a stroke, c) diabetic, d) other unconscious cause. You would want the person who called EMS for you to be able to say, “He told me he was diabetic and used a pump, pen, shots, pills, or diet & exercise to control his diabetes.”

  2. If you are in the USA, the FDA allows the t:Slim to have most alarms off except the 55 mg/dL low blood sugar alarm, the occlusion alarm, and the 12 hour ‘dead man’ alarm.

Hope this helps. BTW, if you are summoned for jury duty, turn all of the alarms on and annoy the court no end if you want out of jury duty. Beep, beep, beep will drive a judge crazy. I know another pumper who did this. The story was a barrel of laughs.

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The 670g uses the same platform but an older algorithm as the 630g or 640g. The 640g uses the tried and true automatic shut off of the 530g. As for alarms, I am told that the 640g uses alarm profile of the 630g and 670g. So I do not have occulations set to vibration. But I do see an alarm set to charge all alarms from audio to vibrate. So I assume it can be set to vibrate. I have so few occulaitons that even if I set it to vibrate it might be 6 months before I had the answer.

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Haha thanks. I’m hoping that you won’t get an occlusions alarm at all for your sake😅

I think the 640G will start to make noise and vibrate if you ignore the occlusion alarm, regardless your settings.

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I rarely have alarms now. I keep it charged, relatively well controlled. However when I go really low like under 60 mg/dL it beeps loudly, but you really want it to.
I think I’ve tuned it out because my family are the ones who tell me my pump is alarming and I just don’t hear it.
My daughter has named my pump “ Patrick”
So she says things like “ Patrick is needy for attention right now” “ Tell patrick to shut up”

So yea, my life is weird too

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