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I currently own a Tslim 2 pump with CGM enabled. I working in an office with lots of people around, so EVERY time my pump alarms, it lets off an audible alarm and a loud vibration, which everyone can hear. This is unfortunate as I normally interrupt meetings I am in with those loud alarms. When I contacted TSLIM they told me that those were important alarms and that everyone around me needed to hear them. The other thing is that after one alarm goes off, I may get an alarm for something else. Does anyone else have this problem? When I was on a Medtronic pump, it would alarm every 15 minutes. With Tslim it’s every 2 - 3 minutes. I’m just getting tired of all these alarms! I love the Tslim pump technology wise, it’s just those darn alarms. And yes, I do a pretty good job of keeping my blood sugars under control. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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You can turn some of them off. Like predictive ones.
You can also set to vibrate only. There is also a volume control low med and high.
However the low alarm will still sound.
Really though if you are having that many alarms then your settings should be adjusted.
Mine always goes off when I just can’t do anything about it and I’ve learned to ignore it for a while.
When I’m in auto mode it normally corrects itself after a while.
Today I dosed my meal too small and I got an alarm
The pump already corrected and I’ll be in range soon.

Thanks Timothy! I will check those settings out! Appreciate it!!

What version of software/firmware are you using? I believe the latest version is “Moonlight v7.4”. While I don’t know for sure, I got the impression from earlier posts that alarm behavior may have changed as the software has evolved.

FWIW, below is a link to a Tandem vid about finding the software version of your pump. Be aware that vid instructions mostly work, but are out of date. With my v7.4 pump I had to scroll down once in the “Pump Info” section to view the software version. :wink:


I have the same problem and find it so annoying especially when you are trying to be discreet in an office environment. I’ve been able to turn off all the alarms except when it drops to 3.1mmol (59mg). This usually happens due to prebolus for me. Sometimes 20 mins will pivot back up around 4mmol (72mg) but alot of the times, it just keeps dropping lower and the alarm sounds. I can’t seem to get this right.

I wish there was an option to turn the alarm off.

They will never allow you to turn off the low alarm because it is such a dangerous state to be in.
There is liability on their part if they allow us to silence that alarm and then we died from low sugar.
So that will never happen on any cgm system

I wish for a way to SILENCE or to SLOW the REPEATS of the Tandem X2 “Alarm (18A)” when I have chosen to suspend delivery (Medtronic terminology) or “stop insulin” (Tandem terminology).

Say I’m in a movie theater or church service or a group meditation session or a wild & long lovemaking opportunity (remembering pre-COVID) and I choose to STOP INSULIN.

I cannot find any reference in the Guide or in Tandem blogsite or even a couple of google searches.

If anyone knows how to silence the ALARM when one has deliberately stopped insulin please post it here.
(I think I have set this to alert me if anyone replies or posts to this thread, but I’m not sure if I did exactly what I intended…)

Unless you are on Control IQ, you should be able to set a Temporary Basal rate for Zero and I don’t think that you get the alarms like with Suspending Insulin. I always prefer Temp Basals anyway because you can specify a length of time for the suspension and don’t get into trouble if you forget to Resume Insulin. Of course if you get all of those alarms, maybe you don’t forget to restart insulin…

I haaaaaaaaate that alarm. The one where it thinks u wanted to do a bolus but u didn’t.
It’s so irritating because even if u clear it. It comes back. So you have to stop insulin and restart. It’s a real bad design flaw of the tslim

If it’s the same alarm as the one I’m thinking off, you can actually clear that alarm from happening. So when it alarms, you clear it, then if you unlock your pump, you are most likely in the bolus wizard screen. Just exit out of that screen , using the back button at the top, and it shouldn’t alarm again.

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I may have remembered it incorrectly but when I was on the Medtronic cgms using the 640 pump, there was no mandatory alarms even for lows. You can choose to switch it off. I’m not sure whether they have changed it but there was never an issue with annoying alarms happening in the office hence why I am quite sure it was configurable.