Are There any Canadians Using a Tandem Insulin Pump?


I was just wondering if any Canadians are using Tandem’s tslim pump. I want to get one when my warranty expires in 2020.


Dee - I want one to replace my Animas Vibe which is on it’s last legs (screen brightness is shot)

While approved by Health Canada, now we need to wait for individual provinces to see whether or not they’ll adopt the Tandem as an available pump option.

No word yet from Alberta.


My Ping is nearly four years out of warranty and I need a new pump ASAP. I’m planning on going through my insurance rather than waiting on Pharmacare coverage (which may take forever). Tandem is going to send me the insurance forms (Pacific Blue Cross) as soon as they’re available.


Are you in Canada Jen?

I’ll certainly be curious how you get along with the Tandem after 4 yrs with Animas


Yep! Vancouver. :slight_smile:

I’ve already seen the t:slim (met with the rep last week), so I’m fairly sure I’ll like it. The main thing I’ll miss is the inability to adjust ratios and target BG on the fly while doing a bolus.


Jen - I’m excited for you :slight_smile:


The year 2020 can’t come soon enough. I am really excited about the tslim pump. Right now I am on a medtronic 630, but I disliked their sensors. I am using a dexcom g5 cgm with it. I kind of lose out on the feature that my pump will suspend if I go below a certain threshold. The dexcom sensors are more affordable and the reports on dexcom clarity are nice and easy to interpret Jen, you are lucky to start using the tslim pump. Keep us updated.


I guess I have to wait until February 2021 now. In Ontario you have a grant of $2,400 a year for pump supplies. But they will only let you get a new one in five years, not 4 like it used to be. Who knows, by that time Tandem will have their automated insulin pump.