Got my 630 insulin pump today

Recieved my pump today. I took it out of the box to play with it. I’m sure it will a little time to get used to it as this is my first minimed pump.


It seems a little strange when I think about it but I do get excited when my new diabetes tech arrives. I think it gives rise to new hope to starting with a fresh slate.

Good luck with your new 630 pump!

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The day I got my first pump was like Christmas. Have fun!

Through the Animas replacement deal???

It’s always great to get a new life saving TOY. So many new features to explore. Enjoy. Keep us posted. I am on the Animas Vibe. Medtronic will be converting me to the 630g. I live in Canada. Tandem t-slim is not an option here. Omnipod is, but I don’t like a big bump on my body parts. LOL.

Same here.I’m in Ontario. Windsor to be precise. When I saw the Tandem I really liked the idea of a pushbutton pump. I suppose medtronic is a well situated company and they won’t be leaving. When I put the contour link meter together I was a little disappointed in the case. It is too small ,the zipper is pulled tight when you close it. I hope that the 670g will be available in Canada in 4 years.

It might be available even now but your insurance might not cover it. Call Medtronic Canada.
So, your new 630 is an Animas replacement?

Tandem is coming to Canada. Tandem has applied to Health Canada and anticipates being able to launch in the second half of this year.

If you are happy with your other choices that is great. If not, then you should soon have another option.


I doubt that. They are expanding as we speak. Perhaps you mean Animas. If you have the source of your info, post it please.

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I’m waiting for mine. AS other Ontarians know, we have to jump through a few hoopss to get approval for government funding, but the Diabetes Centre told me last week that i should have my pump well before I see them again in June. I am going with Medtronic, but I won’t know what variety I am going with until after I’ve had a discussion with the Medtronic people and decided what works best. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. This is my 51st year of MDI, and it’s all about to change.

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Yes, my 630 is in replacement of my vibe. I go for training on the 26th of march.I hope I can get used to this pump. Animas pumps are the only other pump I have had.


Is the trainer meeting you at your home? Animas did that for me. Just curious how good Minimed service is vs. Animas. I did my own training. All info are available on the internet, you tube, and the manual with your kit. The manual is also available from Minimed site downloadable as PDF file.

Keep us updated!

I go to a diabetes wellness centre. My diabets educator will train me.

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@Dee_Meloche, did Medtronic asked you to give them your Animas pump in exchange with the 630g?

Yes, but they can’t get it until I get trained on the 630.

Oh - That was a good question. Never would have occurred to me.

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Assuming there is a “return window”, I would suggest to not hand over your Animas pump until you are past the return window such that there is no chance of you switching back to your Animas.
Keep your options open.

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With Animas, when upgrading, they always ask to get back the older model, if the upgrade is for free. If you pay for the upgrade, you keep the old one. I started with the Cozmo, it went bankrupt, Animas started a program to convert to Animas for free. Medtronic did offer too a free conversion to MM pump. I chose Animas for obvious reasons. They asked for my old Cozmo in exchange for the Animas 2020. The warranty was contiguous, meaning it just continue to use the un-used portion of the warranty to expire.

Did you consider the Omnipod?