Are Type 1 Diabetics allowed to join the army?

wow :0 so i can do it too. thanks jull :)God bless you

thank you so much for the informations :) God bless you

:( i think military is really not for me

it s an honor to join the military and serve my country :) but i guess im okay with it now, since i can do more things to help my country even if im not in the nilitary. thank you guys for enlightening me :)

true :) enemies won't wait and give you time before they fire ;) you made me smile with that lol :) thanks dear

same here, its really discriminating why they won't allow us to be in the mllitary. this cruiseship company i applied to also denied me to be go on board because of that, but still im not giving up reaching for my dreams, being in the cruise or in the military are two of my top list to be in, but luckily, they just won't give me a chance. its not fair.

i guess its really not for me :) but i'm glad i have met you all here.

There are better ways to help, Jastine, then by killing people in other countries who you have been told are "the enemy". The people in those countries are just people like you, with families, dreams, health problems, hopes for the future. There are people in this country and in other countries who are hungry, who have diabetes and can't pay for their insulin, children who are being abused and women being oppressed. The planet needs care and nurturing; people need care and nurturing, not killing.

thank you for the advice, Sir :) i will do that :) God bless you!

thank you. i don't need to be int he military to serve and help others.

Glad u got a smile out of that. When my dr told me that I had a hissy fit (can u tell I was gonna be the 3rd generation in my family that was going to serve in the Navy????) After I got over it and started to think like a normal person it kinda made sence to me. It just ticked me off at the dr when he said that! Needless to say for about a year there he wasn't my favorite person in the world. Yes it took me a year to think the way he did!!! LOL!

lol oh doctor! well my doctor discouraged me to have a baby since the baby will inherit my diabetes, i just smiled and told her that ho is she to tell me that, if God wants me to have a baby, i'll have a baby. :0 she just kept wuiet and gave me my prescription, but that didn't made me hate her, i think its the other way around lol :)

I was told that one too. Now I got 2 girls. Yes 1 is a Type 1 But my other daughter isn't. My Type 1 daughter now has 3 childern (all well so far) my other daughter is expecting her 1st child in July. SO THERE to the drs!!!!

i mean having a type 1 baby doesn't stop me breathing, so what if my baby will inherit it. i survived and so is my baby. life doesn't stop having diabetes :) i'm glad they are healthy and happy! god bless us all :) looking forward to see you! when i make it to the states <3

No it don't and u got the right attitude about thart. My daughter was 11 when she became a Type 1 so it just hits ppl at all ages. Please let me know if ur going to come to West TN when u get here. I'll get my taxi service (my husband) to take me to where we can meet.

thank you and i had a great time talking to you. I will surely see you when im there :) God bless you dearly

You can do plenty without joining to help your country.

I work private EMS, but I could work as a firefighter if I wanted where I am… I’ve been asked several times to take the training and join, I just don’t wanna run into burning buildings, lol. I’d rather wait outside and watch, plus, I work better with the people in the aftermath.

Of course you can! Rules regarding military are different then civilian jobs, so the military is out, but beyond that, the world is at your fingertips. You just have to work a little harder, get creative, and be persistent.

I know 3 LEOs who are t-1. It may depend on department.