Are Type 1 Diabetics allowed to join the army?

Actually, I just looked and you are in the Philippines, so my answer may not apply.

But I just want to emphasize, in the US, there is the uniformed military service. These are the soldiers who are trained and equip the fighting forces. In 2009, there were about 550,000 uniformed military personel. And then there is the civilian army personnel. Not just a couple, but lots. In 2009, there were 240,000 civilian army personnel. In the US, there are No barriers to us joining the army as civilian personnel.

thank you, jim. i would ask a recruiter for that ;)

well i guess being one of the civilian personnel is for me then :) i can cook for them or serve them as i can, it would be an honor for me to serve the heroes of the country :) thank you!

thank you dear :) yes we can!

i have trained for basic safety course and fire fighting and i love it, also i grew up with all the men in the family and rifles, that made me love the military and saving lives stuff :) i just hope i can do it, but i am referring to work in the US, not here in the Philippines lol :) thank so much for inspiring me :)

I aslo am in EMS with Diabetes and a pump :).

Another sister in the EMS family! Awesome. I have to ask, is having the pump easier then multiple injectios each day while at work? I start the pump next week and hope this is better

How much is the pump there? i want that so bad too, it would be a big help when im at work. i work 10hours shift and a 30 mins break, it really bothers me when i have to stop working to inject

Thanks bsc. I like your original meaning better than what they told me. Glad to hear that they dropped the 1-Y classification. I still have my draft card as a keepsake.

When you get to the US, I'd suggest finding and joining a local volunteer fire department if there is one in your area... and then start looking for an EMS program. Check the local hospitals and community colleges- cause you don't have to have a college degree to get your EMT license.

I start my pump next week and wonder the same thing!!! I hate MDI's while I am working it gets frustrating when I get a call between injection and eating.. and with the "rules" of EMS, that's just about every time of course. lol

So as a Type 1 I couldn't even join if there were a draft?


I hear you man. I got diagnose almost a year and a half ago. I'm from Colorado, and used to go on week long camping trips. Since my D, haven't been. I miss it, but have found other beauty in nature like surfing here in California. I still hike too, just not with a CGM and a snack.

Not to change the thread subject - but there are a few folks on here that do full backpacking trips with T1, which seems so far out of reach right now: I'm a brand new T1 living near Denver and am eager to better understand my D and get back outside as soon as possible - I can't imagine not being able to go for a bike ride or trail run. Like you said, I'll just have to carry a few more items.

Jastine - I can't imagine being told that I'm not allowed to do one of the things I've always wanted to because of my diabetes. However, as someone who is still getting a grip on my diagnosis, I find myself noticing more things that I "can't do," but I have found that if I take a second and think of all the things I can still do I realize that I am still blessed in the life that I have.

As others have said, there are millions of ways to serve your country or serve others - it just might take some digging to find what you're meant to do. These boards, for example, offer an opportunity to reach out to others who are having a tough time and give simple words of encouragement.

I'm sure you'll find a way, like many of the other EMS/firefighters out there, to help others and challenge yourself all at once!

Actually, depending on branch and what you do in the service, you may or may not be able to stay in. In 1994, I was diagnosed with T1 (at age 30) and discharged 9 months later. Under the rules at the time, I would have had to maintain access to a fridge for insulin. I hear that some folks with rear echelon type jobs are allowed to stay in. Being a Ranger kind of guy, it was too steep a price to pay for me.

thanks for the advice sweet jull :) i'll do that, im giving my self a year to get there, kinda hard though but im doing my best to reach my dreams :) i admire you, i always wanted to be in the team :) God bless <3

very well said Oakville :) thank you. yes you are right, there are things we can't do and people think we cannot because of our condition, but later as i tried to live a normal life, i realized i can do much better than people who does not have diabetes. it made me proud of my self and people believed in what i can do in spite of my condition. i think we have had are share and if we really want something to happen in our life, we should work hard and believing in ourselves that we can, prayers can change everything :) im so blessed to be here! God bless you dear :)

i can relate to that :) but we don't have a choice but to take our insulin every time we need to even when working. i just need a pump to help me though, i don't know if it will cost me less if i purchase it in the states than here in the Philippines.