Are you a walnut lover?

There is great news for the walnut lovers! Walnuts have been shown to have wide-ranging health benefits — from strengthening our hearts to reducing our risk of cancer. Now, new research sheds light on the mechanisms that may explain these benefits.

How do you eat them?


My aging teeth make eating nuts difficult. A perfect excuse to make my really great Walnut Cake—heavy enough to count as a sweet bread–and I long ago adapted it to be low-carb, using hazelnut flour and stevia or splenda…

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Would love to try that recipe. Can you please share it? I love all kinds of nuts!

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If I have it on the computer, will do. But the kitchen is mostly packed for our move and if I packed it, it will have to wait. I’ll let you know later today!..

Found it right here–posted it when I developed it. Search Walnut cake right here on TuD—or this link might work…

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Here is another chocolate walnut cake. It is from the blog All Day I Dream about Food

I always add walnut to a coleslaw salad, adds a nice bit of crunch.

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