Are you an Equal, Splenda, or Other Sweetener fan?

Robyn, that’s sweet…yey for Splenda…:slight_smile:

Bobby, may I asked why you recently moved away from other sweeteners? Is it because of the recent issue that certain sweeteners can cause cancer? Thanks for the info and reply…have a nice weekend too…:slight_smile:

I grew up on sweet n low, and anything BUT sweet n low tastes weird in cofee or tea. We do use splenda and kool aid. I haven’t tried stevia or truvia, they seem really expensive vs splenda or sweet n low, but I haven’t really looked at them that hard yet eaither.

Their price at the store have greatly gone down, and they now cost less than Splenda.

Thanks for the tip, I’ve got shopping to do this weekend, so I’ll take a look!

I use Stevia…Truvia taste pretty darn good. Splenda tastes way too sweet for me…and I don’t consume aspartame given potential excitotoxin.

how they strong armed their way into the market by making grocery stores quit selling stevia or loose their whole product line…and not just wally world–smaller marketplaces…there was room for both…let the consumer decide…sorry ranting whille low when I wnat to be asleep…

Huh, that’s kinda odd… I’ve seen them side by side here, at our local supermarkets, with no problem…

I grew up on that bitter stuff so I never used sweeteners after I left home. I just tried Stevia a few years ago and liked it. So I use it a couple times a week.