Sweetners - Opinions

Let me start this out with:

I detest artificial sweetners. I think they are the nastiest tasting things in this world. I would rather drink water than a diet anything. Drink my coffee with just cream. IF, I ever do drink anything w/artificial sweetner, it has to be super cold. have to chug it and then hope I don’t gag. Enough, you get the picture!!

I have tried Trivia, Stevia (and many years ago - Slenda, Sweet n Low, etc). People say they are great. They are equally all nasty.

I need to come up a substitution that taste decent. I don’t want to go out and waste all the money testing these products, so I come to the experts.

In your opinion, which sweetner do you like best?


I really do not have much of an issue with sweeteners. I do not drink carbonated beverages and I have always taken my coffee with milk only. That being said, I am extremely carb sensitive so I never add or use sugar, maple syrup, honey, etc. I practically live on diet Snapple which is sweetened with aspartame. Generally, I cannot stand aspartame, but for some reason it works for me in Snapple. When I do feel the need to sweeten something I invariably default to either Splenda or Stevia – but usually at half the amount of sweetener I would have used when I was suing sugar. In general, I just do not bother with sweet things.

Hey Alicia,

I’m not big on artificial sweeteners. I like splenda with my coffee but I can tell a difference between the sweeteners and splenda. I do not like any sweeteners on my cold cereals or to dip strawberries in. It’s not the same texture or taste as sugar … HOWEVER … something that has helped me is using a half and half mixture of sugar and sweetener. I don’t mind the Truvia that much either. Sweeteners are one of those things that you have to suck up and get use to it or don’t use it at all. At least, that is what it’s like for me, I have to suck it up or take the insulin LOL I hope you find something that works for you girl!

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Thanks for the advice (was hoping there was a “magic” wand, some secret ingrediant).

I just wave the pkg over the cup and it is still too much. I learned years ago to only use a portion, not the entire pkg. My MIL would use TWO sweet n low for tea. YUCK.

It’s the after taste that gets me. Before the begining of the year, I would use one pkg of sugar in a 3 cup capacity of coffee. Now it’s none.

IF I lose weight (which I have lost 15 lbs since 2/1/11) I should be able to get off meds for diabetes. So, that is why I would like to find alternatives. I like to bake (and eat) and the rest of the family could benefit from it.

Alicia, I am not as sensitive to the artificial sweetners as you are… However, I try to think of alternatives that healthy and not all processed chemicals… I know it’s an oxymoron… :slight_smile: However, my step-mother just sent this to me to try… Which I plan on doing after I finish up the Truvia I just bought… If you want to wait until I can be the guinea pig, I have no problems doing that… however, if you are feeling adventursome… Enjoy and please let me know what you think! If anyone else has tried this, please let me know!

A, I think you are on to something there… Because, I have found myself adding fruits or naturally sweet foods with others to compensate…

that link for sustastore is very interesting. Can you buy this in stores? I would love to know what you think of it and if you don’t mind me asking, what do you think of Truvia?

You go girl!!! 15 pounds is a lot … keep up the good work. I hope you will find something that satisfies your sweet tooth b/c I know that a lot of these artificial sweeteners are just not as good as sugar.

I like Truvia… Stevia, not so much… oddly enough… Splenda… a big yes… right now I am between Truvia and Splenda… Just because Splenda is more common in restaurants now.

hi alicia- I have been using splenda without any problems. I have tried truvia -but I still prefer splenda.I would like to try the sustastore.

I totally agree about the chemicals in the sweetners.

After I lose the weight I want, I might see about agave in SOME things, but probably not go back to adding to the coffee.

Maybe these sweetners might be okay in baking. Stevia was okay in the MIM, but it still had a taste that I wasn’t really happy about.

I think I am just going to have to “get over it”!!

Let me know how it goes with Susta, will be interesting to everyone’s opinion.

i use and have recently discovered the magic and joy of coconut sugar … don’t be decieved by the name. it is VERY low on the GI scale and is used the same in baking etc … like cup per cup … it is SO awesome and its so good for you!

I’ll have to look into that one… how or where do you get it?

It is availalbe at Amazon.com and a number of online Thai food providers.

i found mine at winners of all places! haha