Are you an Equal, Splenda, or Other Sweetener fan?

I'm definitely a Splenda know it tastes like sugar but it's not sugar...:-)

I use Splenda as well…specially for baking. I also use Stevia, but sometimes I find it hard to find them.

They all hurt my stomach so I don’t use any of them.

I will use any of them! LOL I prefer Splenda.

equal in coffee or tea, i like the taste
splenda white and brown sugar for baking.

Sweet Blood

Hi Everybody.I use only stevia in my tea.I used to use other sweeteners but have recently moved away from them.Have a great weekend

I’m more of a Stevia fan… and sometimes I use Truvia, as well.

Splenda in my coffee and sweet and low in my tea!

None of the above. Sixteen years ago when I stopped eating sugar due to an eating disorder all my friends offered me their favorite sugar free desserts and they all tasted terrible to me. (I think the artificial sweeteners were not nearly as good then). They made me crave “the real thing”. So I just learned to enjoy my food without sweeteners and if I had dessert at all it would be fruit which tasted very sweet to me when I quit sugar. Now that I am diabetic and can’t handle much fruit, if I want any kind of dessert when I’m out I;ll have an espresso but mainly I just no longer have dessert. No big deal for me.

I like Splenda too, before that I liked Equal.

I mostly use stevia & some liquid Splenda. Fiberfit Splenda has zero carbs compared to powdered & granular Splenda.

i prefer equal to all of the others.

stevia just tastes REALLY weird to me… doesn’t even taste sweet

Stevia for me (not Truvia-issue with the companay not the stevia)

what’s wrong with the company?

I don’t add any sweetner to tea or coffee but I will drink beverages that have added sweetners.

Lizmari, haven’t used Stevia before…is it in powder form too like Splenda?

Wow…I’m impressed that you don’t use any of the sweeteners…I just can’t imagine my life without any sweeteners esp. in my cup of coffee everyday…that’s sweet!

Timmy, since I haven’t used Stevia ever before and you replied that it tasted weird…just wondering how does it taste weird compared to all other sweeteners? thanks for your info and reply…

John that’s sweet and thanks for your reply…:slight_smile:

Kathy, there are other times that I feel the same thing too esp. when I use too much of the sweeteners…do you have diarrhea too? For me, I will have the stomach ache and then diarrhea for the rest of my day when I use five or more of the sweeteners esp. the Nutrasweet…thanks…