Are your meds interfering with your sex life?

Ok i’m a type II and this is embarrassing humiliating and so doesn’t appear to get discussed.
One of my complications has been heart disease and in july I had a heart attack and then october another coronary artery got blocked The cardiac team told me it had gone from 40% to 98% blocked in 3 months and the only reason they can see for it is diabetes.

Now being diabetic the cardiac team aim for a bp of 120/70 mines now so medicated i was 110/ 65 after doing the cardiac circuit training.

The problem is the dreaded erectial disfunction. This is driving me and my girlfriend nuts , we know what we want to do but its just not working its not a lack of drive but i think it could be the cardicor (beta blocker) and Ramipril (Ace inhibitor) lowering my blood pressure way too much.
I know its to help keep me alive but I don’t want to live being chemically castrated by the heart medication. I’m not old even if i’m a bit worse for wear. Well this morning I stopped taking these two drugs and will see how it goes. Think i’ll take dieing happy over waiting to die.

I’m sure i’m not the only guy on here thats suffered with this , to be honest its winding me up (perhaps the betablockers wearing off :slight_smile: Having a sex life is important to most of us but seems to me i’ve got to trade life expectancy with happiness. Its not just a male problem the girls have to put up with this too or go elsewhere.

Any suggestions for making things better, because it doesnt look good for valentines